Top 5 Gizmos for Apple Junkies

Who don’t like to eat Apples? Well, everybody does!  So, we at TGC have brought some gizmos for your Apple gadgets, which would enhance your experience on them either it is gaming or browsing the web.

1. The iKeyboard

This gizmo is for the one who can’t live without physical keyboard, but has put off his amount buying an iPhone lacking its love for keyboard. The Accessory gets connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth and you can start typing as soon as you slide it out. The case also offers some drop protection.

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2. iPlunge

What if, if you want to watch that 1hr clip on your iPhone and do some other chores simultaneously, then this accessory is for you. It props you iPhone at convenient viewing angle leaving your hands free. It works on any desk, table, plain, train anywhere you want to prop your phone.

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3. Nano Armband

This is the perfect armband to place your Nano for the morning run. It is smooth and comfortable and won’t jiggle your Nano while running. It can be used as a wrist watch as well and can be took it to school illegally.

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4. Multi directional iPad stand

Its multi- axis swivel feature can set your iPad at convenient viewing angle either for media viewing or video calling. Good accessory for the people who use their iPad frequently on work desk.

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5. iSteering

There are numerous racing games available on iOS, no doubt. But what could be more fun playing them at steering wheel.

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So, are you going to get few of these awesome products?


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