Top 5 Home Theater Systems

Home theatre systems are a must nowadays where kids are getting more and more technosavy and computer systems are being fitted on chips. Today, almost every television company provides home theatre system with its higher end LCDs or LEDs. A home theatre is a system designed to exceed/mimic or reproduce commercial theatre performance. Such home theatres are receiving huge response nowadays when theatres are being closed just because low response from audience.


Home theatres are becoming a potential movie killer these days as no one wants to purchase movie tickets when their prices keep increasing and why unnecessarily leave the comfort of home and watch movie at some place where you have to pay for even buying a bottle of water?

If you are planning to buy a new home theatre, check out our list of top five home theatre systems, which offer everything you may need.

Denon DHT-FS3

Its sleek, simple design may not be able to distinguish it from others but its capacity to produce excellent sound and price tag surely put the Denon DHT-FS3 apart from other home theatre systems. The package comes with a subwoofer and a speaker, both with very compact design and with shiny black finish that makes very decent first impression. Although company has listed its price as $1200, one might end up with better deal than this with the help of any online search.


Sony DAV-IS10

This system is perfectly designed by keeping compactness in mind. Not everyone has space in their living rooms to let these systems occupy it and fit perfectly. This is not one of those packages which come with big speakers and subwoofers looking oddly out-of-place, ruining the look and comfort of your living room. With DAV-IS10, Sony has managed to shrink home theatre system size while keeping the sound quality intact. Speakers offered with this package are as small as a golf ball and thus occupy almost no space. The package can also be purchased in high definition and is priced around $400.


Pioneer HTS-GS1

The real fun of playing a video game is in high definition, excellent sound quality and with exact controller. If any of these things is missing, the fun in the game gets ruined. XBOX 360 owners looking for some extra gaming performance, HTS-FS1 is the ultimate add-on for you. This home theatre package by Pioneer is designed especially for XBOX 360.It can be easily installed using instructions given for smaller to medium size rooms. With awesome 5.1 surround sound, HTS-GS1 also enhances the DVD, CD experience thus providing a power packed performance. The package is available at $240 to $330.

pioneer hts-gs

Bose 3-2-1 Series III

As the name implies, 3-2-1 Series III is Bose’ third installment of 3-2-1 series. This is one of the most compact home theatres providing imitation of surround sound. Equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer, this series can also be purchased in HD. Its price tag ($950) may scare off most of the customers; those with the cash can go for it as it assures best in the class performance.

The Bose 3-2-1 Series III

Kipnis Outer Limits Theatre

If you are from those crazy people, who want to get ultimate edition of everything and want to have system with latest configurations and performance, can surely go for it but only if you are ready to burn $6 million behind this never-be-another home theatre designed by none other than music director Jeremy Kipnis. This system transforms your home into a sort-of commercial theatre.

Equipped with some out of the class elements, this system provides ultra-high resolution (4096×2160). But this is not end, along with this, you also receive 8.8 channel surround sound, Sony SRX-R110 Digital Cinema Projector, PlayStation 3 and best in the class Blue ray and Laser Disk players.

Kipnis Outer limits

These were the systems which we find best from those recently launched home theatres. Off course many may disapprove some of them, but as they say, nothing is constant; todays systems are going to get old tomorrow. So now make a decision and go for it!