Top 5 Innovative And Stylish USB Flash Drives (Pen Drives)

Today USB flash drive is needed in every aspect. It can be useful for you to carry large work files from the office or sharing pictures and music with friends. There are plenty of classy latest innovative designs of pen drives with different shapes and colors.

Nothing can ever beat the convenience of a using USB storage drive. Here are the five stylish Pen drives listed for you to select the design you need.

1: Wristband pen drive 

This pen drive has a great design; it is to be wrapped around the wrist as wristband plus a pen drive. This is designed mainly for people who always lose their pen drive, the Wristband stays secured around your wrist. It is made up of flexible, smooth plastic using silicon. It comes with variety of 6 to 8 colors and its storing capacity can range from 512MB to 16GB. Data transfer speed is 15MB/s for read and 5MB/s for write and its price starts from $6.99.

2: Credit Card USB drive

This USB drive is 100% resemblance to a credit card; these are made using the finest materials and technology with storage capacity range 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. It can be placed inside pockets / wallet; you can store important files, images, protect company’s confidential information and carry easily with your collection of credit cards. It is personalized portable drive with price ranging from $3.99.

3: Heart shaped Pendant USB Flash Drive

It is the trendy and elegant Flash Drive. It is not only a stylish pendant for necklace but it is totally useful because it can contain up to 2GB of flash memory for storing all your important data. This kind of Flash Drive is made up of stainless steel so that each single piece of it is unique and expensive and price starts from $3. It can be given as gifts for your friends and also a kind of fashion decoration.

4: Pen Shaped USB Drive

It has a design of pen and easy to use. You can carry, store and transfer large files in an affordable and very convenient way. It has built in Steel barrel ball point pen, USB flash drive and some models even have laser pointer. This kind of Pen drive is of multiple purpose at home, office or even while traveling. The USB is well protected by its alloy structure and crash resistant of ball pen with its price starting from $7.99.

5: T-Shirt USB flash drive

T-shirt shape USB flash drive is mainly designed for sports promotion project. It is available in any color with logo imprint. Some have the LED indicator to show its access status as busy, waiting and off and even hardware and software data protection technology to prevent data corruption when it is plugged during data transfer or even in power off mode. It gives nearly 10 years of data retention and its price starts from $5.99.

Wasn’t these innovative pen drives attracted you? Most of these USB Flash drives are made in China.

Know of any more? Do share! :)


  1. Hey Nice article bro :) Thanks for such nice info. Hey, tell me how to get that Credit Card USB drive? Is it available online or in store? please tell me. :)

    1. Brother, most of them are Chinese models. You can find it in the China Stores. I will let you know, If I get the exact buying location ;)

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