Top 5 iPhone Games to kill boredom

Finally after a long wait you got your dream device, The Apple iPhone! And now want to get the latest iPhone apps to enhance your digital world experience? Well here you are. This article is lists the latest addictive games available for iPhone – which are good companions when you will be feeling bored. So, hang on to your seat belts folks, and enjoy this review of Top 5 iPhone games!

Angry Birds

It did not take much time for me to place angry birds on top of the list. This is the most addictive smartphone game of all time. It is mainly based on a puzzle game, in which players use a slingshot to launch several kinds of birds of several structures with different actions at pigs who apparently stole their eggs. Angry Birds features 225 levels. Angry Birds is one of few essential iOS titles. Now, four popular season of Angry Birds is available to download and play.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a juicy action packed game which is enjoyed by millions of users around the globe. This game is no stranger to the top 5 with over 5.5 million iOS downloads till date. It has 3 action modes with 3D graphics experience. In this game you have to slice the fruits which are thrown up in the air using your finger wipe. It also features multiple play modes.

Doodle Jump

It is one of the top selling games of all time. It is easy to learn and very difficult to master. I have to say it, it’s one of the most addictive game I came across . In this game you have to guide and control the doodle doodler by using your iPhone’s tilt on a journey upwards. The Doodler must jump through all the platforms during its journey and pick up the jet packs and at the same time avoid the black holes, ghosts (monsters) and broken platforms.

Paper Toss

This is a total time pass game which can keep you busy for hours and hours. Well every one of you, many times got  bored of your work and crumpled a piece of paper and targeted into a trash bin. Well no need to waste any more paper. This game brings this amazing experience to your iPhone. It also allows you to share and compare your scores with your dear friends too. So why are you waiting, grab your iPhone and start targeting the trash can.

Flight Control

Flight control game is a bit oldie but still active and loved by millions of users. This game is all about landing planes, tracing their landing paths so that they don’t collide with each other. The player need not perform the role of Air Traffic Controller. It’s all done by the in-built air traffic features. The game ends when two or more air crafts crashes with each other. Flight control can be downloaded from iTunes.

So, folks how many of these games are on your iPhone? If you know about any other popular game which you like, do share with us!