Top 5 LED TVs in the Market

The summary of this technology oriented decade, we can surely put in just one sentence “Slim is in!” Almost in all gadgets, every company is trying to make its device slimmer than its competitors. Today’s youth is pretty obsessed with the size or the lack of it to be more precise and thus sleekness and slimness are fast becoming keystones in the success of technological inventions.

LED TV is an electronic device that makes use of light-emitting diodes to display picture on screen instead of standard fluorescent backlight. It is important to check a LED TV on many criteria before purchasing it. We have done that for you convenience and here is the result as we picked out 5 best LED TVs present in market.

1. Sony XBR-HX929 Series

  • What’s hot:
    • Produces deeper level of black than any other present LEDs or LCDs in market and thus in turn providing excellent picture quality.
    • Displays every minute thing with accurate details and offers plenty of video processing options.
    • Made up of thin-profile body with gorilla glass and beautiful design, this device is Sony’s best LED TV so far.
    • Excellent contrast ratio and other services like internet suit and built-in Wi-Fi.
  • What’s not:
    • Shows some blooming artifacts and its picture quality degrades more noticeably when seen from off-angle.
    • Package does not include 3D glasses.
    • Has poor 3D image.
  • Price: $2,399 to $3,418

2. Samsung UND8000 Series

  • What’s hot:
    • Has visually smashing design and the frame around the screen has been reduced to great level to provide all-picture look.
    • Deeper level of black, improved 3D picture quality and higher contrast ratio compared to others.
    • The Smart Hub portal has more apps and service than any of its competitors.
  • What’s not:
    • Extremely expensive Series and has poor screen uniformity.
    • Glossy screen reflects a lot of ambient light.
  • Price:&1,935.99 to $3,599.99

3. Vizio XVT3SV Series

  • What’s hot:
    • Relatively cheaper as compared to other local LEDs and also provides deeper level of Black than most of them.
    • Decent performance, very good shadow details, accurate and well saturated color with solid uniformity.
    • Comes with a Bluetooth remote with QWERTY keyboard.
    • Really thoughtful design, excellent picture quality; comes with bunch of features and that too at reasonable price.
  • What’s not:
    • Cannot handle 1080p/24 content properly.
    •  Poor off-angle viewing.
  • Price: $1,549.00 to $1,899.99

4. Sony KDL-NX720 Series

  • What’s hot:
    • Deeper black levels than any other edge-lit LED-based TV.
    • Has accurate color, uniform screen.
    • Can properly handle 1080p/24 sources.
    • Beautiful slim body with Gorilla Glass
  • What’s not:
    • Jagged details of shadows.
    • Poor off-angle view-experience.
    • Package does not include 3D Glasses.
    • Poor 3D image.
  • Price: $1,499.99 to $1,999.99

5. Samsung UND6400 Series

  • What’s hot:
    • Beautiful, compact design providing almost all-picture look.
    • Deeper black level for an edge-lit LED.
    • Accurate color in bright areas, improved 3D quality and powerful video processing.
  • What’s not:
    • Expensive compared to its competitors.
    • Suffers from imperfect screen uniformity.
    • Glossy screen reflects ambient light.
    • Search function provided by Smart Hub is useless.
  • Price: $1,069.94 to $1,439.99

These are some LEDs we found best based on certain criteria like performance and pricing. Off course you can find many different models in market with greater quality as each company keep rolling our new models periodically, but be sure to test them before you get them.


    1. If you are considering LED and non 3D, it looks like your budget is low. These are high ranged TV’s, incase if you are looking for budget televisions Samsung Series 6 (3D) LED TV will be in your budget or Samsung Series 5 (Non-3D) LED TV.

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