Top 5 Music Apps For iPhone, iPod and iPad

Apple’s rise to a successful firm is all because of music… remember the iPod? When this device stepped into the market, there was no one to stop it from reaching the peak of success. This led the music lovers to develop their application that suites peoples (also their own) need of music. And all these apps are loaded at Apples app store. Following are the cool music apps we recommend for your music need try it out.

1. Shazam

This one is the popular App for iOS. Developers came up with the simple concept: identify the song currently playing (in your car radio, in the party or somewhere else) and let you know complete detail of that song. Shazam’s database contains audio fingerprints for more than 5 million songs. So whenever you want to know detail of song playing nearby you, activate the Shazam application on your iPhone.

Shazam App listens your song for small time, after processing it sends a text message to your phone letting you know the detail of the song. The latest version brings you friend feature that lets you share tagged music from your friends.

Price: Free

2. MTV Music Meter

MTV Music Meter App lets you know about the current popular artists in a chart through response from various social media, blogs and news sites. Also create your own charts by searching over millions of artists.

Simply click on any artist on the chart for tracks, photos, tweets referencing that band, news and a bio. The app is a clean-looking, slick way to discover music.

Price: Free

3. Local concerts

Installing this app to your iPhone will never let you miss any concert in your local area. The app updates you about the schedules on concerts related to your favorite artists that are to be conducted. And the best part is that it can personalize the list with the artist from your iTunes library.

All you have to do is scroll through a displayed list that will then show you upcoming shows at that location and also includes the links to purchase the ticket for the show.

Price: Free

4. Pandora Radio

This is one of the best internet radio app filled with many cool features. Users can listen to previews (which may lasts for 30 seconds) of bookmarked tracks directly within the app and you do not need to jump to the iTunes library, if you like the song this app provides you the link to purchase it from iTunes library.

Creating personalized radio stations was never so easy until the aid of this app, offers biographical information for the currently playing artist right from the Now Playing screen and many more features that will keep your day busy.

Price: Free

5. Adaptunes

This app includes a unique feature of automatic speed and motion-based volume control. Your music sounds louder when you move fast, including various profiles that suite your travel (driving, motorcycling, biking, skiing, and exercising).

Adaptunes works insanely cool, just you need to do is load up the playlist, podcast or any album and let the music take control of you. Developers have also plans of future features like integrating social networking services, playlists that automatically adjusts to your preferences etc.

Price: $0.99.