Top 5 Online Threats and How to Handle them Perfectly

Recent studies have revealed that one usually spends 6-8 hours daily over the Internet searching for songs, movies, engaging in social networking, chats, checking e-mails, shopping and much more stuff. While doing an online purchase, there might be somebody tracking your payment details, while sendind an e-mail, someone might be trying to hack your system. Below are the top 5 such threats which you come across while enjoying your online life. But no need to worry, if you pay little more attention then you’ll easily stay safe. We come up with some easy solutions also, here they are:

1. Spam

Spamming has become one of the major threats to privacy. Sending bulk messages through email to one’s account and ultimately trying to play with the system is what has become fun for few spammers across the globe.


Solution: Learn more about the common spam techniques and be careful while being quite dependent on your e-mail system. If you receive such spam, report it and take efforts to spread the word about it, hence making others aware. Windows Live Hotmail has the best Spam detecting and blocking technology as compared to email service providers.

Please avoid all such emails which says Congratulations, Your email won a lottery of Million dollars for you! They will then ask for your shipping details and asks you to send them certain amount to clear the winning amount from customs and Tax departments and hence they’ll try to fool you and take your hard earned money.

2. Facebook Depression

Facebook has more than 500 million users, almost equivalent to a big country. Studies by specialists in Chicago reveal that Facebook can turn out to be reason of depression for some teens who feel lonely and neglected by looking at happy pictures of their friends shared over Facebook.

Solution: It is responsibility of parents to find out if social networking is affecting out teens mental health and if it turns out to be in the affirmative, they must share some quality time with him/her and solve out their problems by being a good listener.

3. Identity Theft

One of the oldest and most dangerous issues faced by millions of Internet users across the globe is identification theft. To create account on any website, it is mandatory to fill-up user information that can include Name, Address, Contact No, and even an Account No or a Credit card number if its a  money-making site. Hackers monitor such sites for loop-holes and if they unfortunately hack your account, all your personal information will be in their hands and will be breached by them.

Solution: Before filling up forms blindly, verify how secure the website you are using is. You can trace what information is uploaded by a particular website from your computer. Visit here to know more.

4. Viruses

Everyone is well aware of what a virus is and how it can badly damage your system if gets into. Visit to unsecured websites, downloading content from unverified locations are some of the practices which provide a red carpet entry to the viruses in your system.

Solution: Having a certified version of anti-virus programs installed in your system can prevent virus threat to an extent. However you can use free antivirus programs like Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows and Sophos antivirus for Mac.

5. Pornography

One of the major reasons of disturbing mental and physical state of children aged 10 years to 19 years is pornography. It makes children stick to the online pornography world making them inactive for any other task and it also leaves wrong impression about sexual activities on their mind. Vulgarity and offensiveness shown on these sites can affect the innocent minds of youngsters brutally.

Solution: Check history and cookies of your child’s computer  which can help you understand the websites they logged in recently. Parents should use parental locks to prevent kids entering in pornographic sites. If child is found to be badly addicted by porn, make a visit to for a solution.

As that of every other scenario, Internet has its advantages and disadvantages. Its the user’s presence of mind and control over self’s emotions that makes the real difference.

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