Top 5 Social Bookmarking and Sharing Plugins for WordPress blogs

Social bookmarking plugins helps bloggers to get extra traffic from social bookmarking sites like Google +1, Facebook, Twitter etc. Here, we are going to review top 5 social bookmarking plugins for WordPress users.

1. Wickett Twitter Widget

The plugin allows you to display a certain number of tweets in a dedicated unit. It will be useful for you to know what your readers sharing from blog, so that you can focus on the niche to make more traffic. (link)

2. SexyBookmarks

It Displays at the end of each article. It has flexible settings and a choice of many social services like Google +1, Facebook, Twitter etc and is available in 15 differnet languages. (link)

3. Floating toolbar bookmarks

Mega popular plug-in of SMO optimizers. It shows floating bookmarks at right side of the articles and also has the ability to customize the output keys references. (link)

4. Tweet Old Post – Publish your articles on Twitter

If you are a lazy blogger, then this plugin is for you. This plugin automatically publish your articles to Twitter. At first it seems that there is happiness, but imagine if you put a step in the publication of 1:00, and if the articles on the blog not so much is to exhaust the new plug-in will publish articles repeating the article. This is not good, neither for your twitter followers nor for search engines like Google. So be careful in using this plugin. (link)

5. Facebook Like Thumbnail

Standard Like button from Facebook. As you know Facebook is a huge hit with bloggers, especially dealing with web development and promotion of the network. We advise you to install it on your blog button to connect to Facebook. (link).


  1. Good selection of plugins. Personally I find that with sharing plugins less is more – tried SexyBookmarks but ended up disabling so many (to make it easier to read and improve page load speed) there seemed no point having such a full featured plugin.

    I don’t like scrolling/floating toolbars as I find them distracting so ended up using the ‘Tweet, Like, Google+1 and Share’ plugin (Twitter, FB Like, Google +1, Linkedin and FB Share, but customizable) which is light, does the job and is easily positioned where you want it.

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