Top 5 tech moments of 2011

The eventful year, 2011, is almost to an end. From the Apple iPhone 4S to Windows Phone 7, from Microsoft buying Skype to Google-Microsoft public spat, 2011 was indeed interesting. Here, lets take a look at the most talked about tech events in 2011 according to us.

Demise of Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was that college dropout who revolutionized the computer industry in a big way. From being fired from the company he founded to powering Apple as the biggest technology brand in recent times, Steve Jobs had come a long way. Millions of people idolized him and many schools included inspirational stories about this great man.

But death spares none and Steve Jobs logged out of this world for the final time on 5th October 2011. Shock and mourning followed upon the loss of Apple’s co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. Statues were built in his honor, roads were named after him. Alfred Lord Tennysson may have meant Steve Jobs when he said “For men may come and men may go but I go on forever”.

Steve Jobs – iCame. iSaw. iConquered. iLeft

Life and Times of Steve Jobs


Launch of the world’s cheapest tablet:

The Aakash, India's $50 Tablet

In August 2011, Indian Union Minister had made a promise to make computing affordable by everyone by launching the world’s cheapest tablet priced at $35, an incredible price. Though the promise about the price could not be kept, but he definitely did announce the launch of Aakash, still the world’s cheapest tablet at $50.

Powered by the Android 2.2 version, Aakash was officially launched on October 5, 2011 and within weeks of its availability, it’s manufacturer, DataWind announced that bookings have been closed due to tremendous response and now Aakash stands to be SOLD OUT!

Aakash Tablet launched


Blackberry Outage:

Once upon a time, BlackBerry was the Louis Vuitton of the mobile industry. Free event passed were doled out if the person flashed his BlackBerry. But not anymore thanks to the global three day outage that affected millions of BlackBerry users across the globe starting from 10th October 2011. Its Internet services went down in parts of Europe, Africa and Asia including India. The problem was said to have aroused in its DataCenter in Slough, England. The cancellation of services due to service crash on October 12 2011, in North America added fuel to the fire.

Though normalcy was restored the next day, but the damage had already been done. With Android, Windows Phone and iOS, mobile users seriously started thinking about an alternative. And it all resulted in BlackBerry’s loss. Tsk tsk.

BlackBerry apologizes for outage



Facebook is considered as the father of all social networks. Started in 2004, Facebook entered the good books of one and all instantly and now it’s a part of life for many. But aren’t competitors watching? Yes they are and Google was one of them.

After silently observing for many years, on 28th June 2011, Google suddenly announced the launch of its own social networking site, Google+ to take on Facebook. Though it was a rage in its starting days but later the interest fizzled out, thanks to luring updates from Facebook , namely video-calling through Skype, Facebook Timeline etc. Google wanted to make it big but fell short and its very likely that Google+ may join Google Buzz and Google Wave in the retired den.

Google+ loses out to Facebook

Is Google+ worth the hype?


Launch of Kinect:

Kinect was initially launched as an accessory for the gaming console from Microsoft, XBox 360. It was an instant success, entering the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the maximum number of devices in 60 days. But later on, Kinect turned out to be a revolutionary device by offering path-breaking services. It can help perform dangerous and extremely complicated surgeries which were earlier considered very risky and almost impossible to be done, apart from many other challenging activities.

Kinect revolutionized the way we interact with computers today. It recognizes every blink of an eye, tracks our every single movement, recognizes our voice, reduces a lot of effort and is fun to use. Kudos to the Microsoft team over this one.

 That was 2011 for us. Have any tech moments of yours to share?