Top 5 Tips for Mobile Application Development

Mobile phone application market is growing at a tremendous rate. Android and iOS have millions of applications in their mobile application market place. And with the success of Windows Phone platform, the mobile phone application market is expected to continue growing with applications suiting each and every need of yours. So if you are pondering on developing an application for mobiles then here are a few tips that we think you should go through.

1. Do not hog Memory and CPU

Most of the smart phones available in the market today come with around 512MB or 1GB RAM and around 1 GHz processors. Some of the new smart phones also encompass dual core processors. These handsets perform like a pro. However excessive usage of CPU drains the battery quickly thereby requiring frequent recharging. Apart from high CPU usage make sure your application does not hog memory as this can

2. Prevent Unnecessary Network usage

Sending the right amount of information at the right time is key in applications that are constantly connected to some remote backend server. If your mobile phone application needs to constantly retrieve and/or update a server make sure you send just the necessary information at the right time. This leads to precise network usage avoiding unnecessary network traffic. Being aware of network restrictions helps a lot.

3.Develop for Multiple Platforms

Developing your application for multiple platforms helps you reach out to a large customer base. It also helps in lowering your applications’ selling price thereby increasing the chances of a customer purchasing your application. Do note that developing an application for multiple platforms is a time-consuming task and you might miss on some of the features available in a particular device or platform.

4. Consistency Is The Key To a Uniform User Experience

Try as far as possible to keep the look and feel of your mobile phone application the same on different platforms. Indeed this is a difficult task but if succeeded then it gives a good user experience.

5.Get Registered and Certified

Getting yourself registered to the application developer community as this has many benefits. Firstly the publisher ensures that you get paid for you application. Secondly you get access to their Software Development Kits. Also ensure that you get your application certified from the publisher. Certified applications are more likely to be downloaded by users as they give the feel of authenticity.

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