Top 5 Wireless Logitech Mice

In today’s world, in which gaming rules, mice have become an item to boast about, because when you’ve got a good mouse, you get a better headshot. Gamers generally prefer heavy, wired mouses. On the other hand, for regular PC users, wireless mice are more convenient to use. On our associate site, we have already covered top 5 Wireless Mice from Microsoft. We are now,going to cover top 5 wireless mouse from Logitech. We’re categorizing  by price point.

Best Wireless Logitech Mouse

Between Rs 500-2000/$10-40

1. Logitech V220

One of the most basic mice from Logitech, this is for the user who just wants to do a little surfing, chatting etc. without the hassles of wires. It has a long battery life and is quite ergonomically designed for its price point. Sells on Amazon for $14.09.

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2. Logitech M185

Another basic mouse that is without wires. A noticeable feature is presence of a nano dongle which Logitech advertises as” Plug and Forget” and it is the cheapest model to have it. Once again, a definite no for gamers. This one sells on Amazon for $18

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3. Logitech Marathon M705

Coupled with humongous battery life, unifying reciever and  fast scrolling at a price not too high, Logitech M705 accounts for a killer option. The mouse looks good and is nice to hold. Casual right handed gamers will rejoice at the mouse and this one has got the guts! Sells on Amazon for $39.10. Killer Deal!

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Above Rs 2000/$40

4.  Logitech V550 Nano

Logitech V550This thing is small, too small but packs a punch! It has an excellent “clip and go” dock that lets you clip the mouse to your laptop’s lid! A sexy looking mouse, it is not for gamers, but it is the best for businessmen! Not that the performance is bad, but the thing is featherweight. This beauty is on Amazon for $125

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5. Logitech MX Revolution

Logitech MX RevolutionThis is the mouse to be rejoiced by gamers! Cordless, heavy and great performance too! With two wheels, ergonomic design, precision and killer looks, this mouse trounces the competition out of its way. Gamers with deep pockets must’ve a look at it. And not just for gaming, the mouse is great for other things too. Just get it from Amazon for $70.

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