Top 6 Twitter desktop applications for Windows and Mac

Twitter is one of the most popular networking sites for entertainment, marketing business, business objective. Millions of user, hundred’s of followers existing in it has made twitter a means to earn. Since this twitter has become a lot more than only tweeting, you can now get the guidance from the desktop client.

Are you a regular user of twitter and bored of entering your twitter id and password everyday? Then why don’t you go for twitter desktop application. Eventually there may be less of security risk of providing your user name and password. This desktop application is third-party software installed in your computer acts as an interface with twitter. There are variety of desktop application which can be installed, we will discuss about best 6 applications for twitter.

Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is one of the most popular twitter applications which not only manage twitter, but also other social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace from one place. Its multicolumn interface allows you to keep up all your social accounts; it will also list the custom search that you may have saved inside twitter. The latest update in this application improves the column experience which includes a report spam button, recommended people to follow, better video playback, auto-suggest for usernames, yFrog integration, and unlimited columns.

Tweet Deck supports inline translation enabling you to understand almost all the foreign language that may appear in your timeline or search results. It allows you to do all kinds of action like following/unfollow users, view other users profile, categorize your followers etc. It is rated with 4.5 stars and is synchronized with iphone applications.

Destroy Twitter

Destroy Twitter application is famous for its innovative minimalistic interface and is an Adobe AIR powered twitter desktop client. It is a single account with single column application; therefore it is not a power user, who prefers multiple accounts to manage. It supports themes which can be ready-made downloaded or can also use online theme-builder to create a theme with your own creativity.

It has a powerful group features which supports group of users or group of keywords, twitter trends providing information about what’s happening in twitter without visiting the twitter site. Attractive transitions while switching from one screen to another etc. It is light weighted, fast and it is rated with 3.5 stars.

Seesmic desktop

This desktop client consists of all the features which a user usually hunts, consisting of slightly translucent and tabbed interface. The features support unlimited Twitter accounts and columns, a smattering of URL and photo options, hands down the best Facebook integration we’ve seen, and unlimited saved search.

The major feature in it is, it supports multiple Twitter account together, hence you will receive combined timeline and replies from all the account. You can also post same update/links/video to one or more account simultaneously. This is native window application and doesn’t require adobe AIR. It is rated with 4.5 stars.

Nambu (Mac application)

Nambu is a native Mac application supporting multiple social networking sites. It consists of all the features which satisfies a person’s need and is preferred by many people. It supports different accounts which can be viewed in several ways.

Its basics strength is Twitter where you can follow your friends, custom groups, search, trends, and integration, multiple accounts, integration, filters, and three view options for a one or many column view of tweets. The three view options are as follows: – one is similar to mail view, with sidebar allowing you to choose between accounts and the final one with the multiple column view. Its famous features are: Twitter search with FriendFeed, OneRiot, and Yahoo results and is rated with 4.5 stars. If you are a multiple account user then Nambu will be the best application to download.


Tweetie for Mac

It is a simple, sleek and is considered to be iPhone’s best desktop client. Tweetie is not for everyone to be comfortable with; the simplicity and power in it can attract few people. It is developed by the top mobile application for twitter; it is a new OS X Twitter client from Atebits. Tweetie for the Mac presents a compact window for reading tweets, replies and mentions, direct messages, and searching the entire Twitterverse.

Tweets are displayed in an iChat-like interface, regardless of whether you are viewing your friends’ timeline or a reply chain. When it comes to photos, you can simply drag pictures from the Finder onto Tweetie’s posting window to automatically upload and share them. It is available for free with advertisement or for $ 14.95 for ad-free version and is rated with 4 stars.

Mac Lounge

One more desktop client which is capable to rule as your personal desktop app is Mac Lounge. It is a simple, single column interface with tremendous features in it. It saves searches, allows quick access to view followers, copy tweet and links/URL etc. This version have fixed a couple of minor bugs and made some portions of code more foolproof.

You can compose and view tweets by category, browse tweet details, and access an author’s profile data on the fly. The user interface is quite different from other Twitter application. It is still in beta mode so there might be stability issues. One nicer feature is it automatically plugs into Growl notifications if you have it installed. They can also be used as iPhone application which syncs with the desktop version and greatly improves the app’s relevance. Therefore Mac lounge is packed with many features and is rated with 3 stars.

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