Top Announcements of the Top Companies at the CES 2012

Since the first Consumer Electronic Show which was held in New York City in the year 1967 till now this year’s fest is, in several dimensions, is the biggest extravaganza. All the, well almost all the, big players of the Electronic world came here with just one intention- to prove their supremacy in the relative markets. And for that purpose they showcased all their might in the form of their current and proposed products. We, in this article, will trace down which company announced what product at the tech carnival.


Sony, first of all, announced four Xperia Series smartphones powered by Android Gingerbread Operating System:  Xperia S, Xperia ion, Xperia NX, and Xperia Acro HD. All the phones are above four inches in size, the Xperia ion remains to be the biggest handset as far as the size is concerned with 4.6 inch screen.  All the phones are more or less same in the features and specs segment with a minor difference hare and a difference there. One thing is noteworthy that all the phones sport cameras which are 12 MP in resolution. All the handsets have front cam too.

Then the company announced the futuristic 55inch OLED TV prototype called crystal. The eye catcher was the Android Powered Walkman Z which happens to be a media player which is capable to play HD video. It has a4.3 inchLCD screen with 480x800p display. It has features like Wi-Fi and DLNA.


Samsung Electronic dominated the festival by it’s announcement of Series 9 Ultrabooks which are one of their kinds. It was not the only thing there was an array of other product the company proposed. It announced the Galaxy Note tablet/ phone for the US market. Then there was Galaxy Tab 7.7 with 4G. This was not all, the South Korean giant announced TV, Home Appliances, Smartphones and Cameras.


Nokia as we all know that is trying very hard to win over the lucrative US market for quite some time has announced the next version of the Windows phones called the Nokia Lumia 900. Which happens to be the extension of the Lumia 800 which also was a Windows phone.

This Lumia 900 is bigger in size as it sports a 4.3 inch screen unlike the Lumia 800 which had a 3.7 inch screen. The looks are otherwise same; the most major change is the new phone sports a LTE capability which was nowhere to be found in the Lumia 800. Other features are the same 1.4GHz processor backed by 512 MB of RAM, and an 8MP camera. There are lots of similarities between 800 and 900.


Lenovo at the CES 2012 first launched the IdeaTab S2 which has a 10 inch screen and runs ICS 4.0 and has a 20 hours battery life with the Keyboard dock on. Then there was ThinkPad X1 Hybrid which happens to be a high performance laptop with dual OS. It has a 13.3inch HD screen which has Corning Gorilla Glass cover. Then you have the all new Multiposition Laptop cum Ultrabook cum Tablet called the Yoga.


This Taiwanese company has announced the mid-range windows phones called Acer Allegro, and then it had announced Acer Iconia Tab A700 with full HD display. Then the biggest of then all, the Acer Aspire S5 the slimmest Ultrabook of the world. The company introduced the Timeline Ultra Laptops. Most amazing thing was the launch of the AcerCloud the Cloud service of the Company.

In addition to all the above mentioned launches and releases the companies like HP, Gigabyte, and HTC also launched their products. HP launched the ENVY 14 Spectre which happens to be a thin laptop. Then the company Gigabyte has revealed a range of Tablets at the fest which are S1081 Slate, T1006M convertible Tablet Notebook, and Booktop T1132N 3-in-one notebook, Tablet, and desktop. Last but by no means has the least; HTC revealed the world’s biggest Windows Phone the Titan 2 which has a proud screen of 4.7 inches.


Intel, one of the major (or biggest) chipset manufacturers has decided to enter in a new segment, that is mobile phones! tgc-ces medfield

The Giant is working with Lenovo and Motorola for its new mobile chipset, which both companies confirmed at the CES. Paul Ottelini, the company’s CEO, said the relationship with Lenovo was “just the beginning”, as he also announced “Intel reference designs” for phones and tablets.One Intel spokesman described the Android products as “fully buzzword compliant”. The company demonstrated the power of its technology by taking 10 photos in a second! It also assured that existing software needn’t be rewritten for new devices by Intel. It hopes manufacturers will use them to build new devices of their own. The technology supposedly will be called Medfield.

On the other hand, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha was quoted as saying that the multi-year deal would see “the best of Intel products’ in Motorola handsets and tablets. Lenovo’s first device has been christened K800.

We’re here to expect the future of mobile devices this year. 2Ghz this year? Hopes alive!