Top working Cydia tweaks for iPad 2

iPad 2 jailbreak was recently out early this month. Being a totally new device on the platform not all tweaks which run on iPhone / iPod / iPad 1 are supported on iPad 2. The iPad 1 tweaks cannot be made available to iPad 2 as they don’t run perfectly. So here are few must have tweaks for iPad 2 which will totally changed they way it used to be.

1. Winterb0ard

Winterb0ard is unofficial theming client for iOS. Its already been successful on the small screen (iPhone/iPod) and even the iPad 1. Installing this tweak totally changes the why how iPad 2 looked by replacing fonts, sounds, backgrounds and icons. Already there are variety of themes developed very few among them look good on iPad 2. I’ll highly recommend this tweak it’s available for free at Cydia store.

2. Dreamb0ard

Dreamb0ard is successor of Winterb0ard which supports additional elements which were being limiting for Winterb0ard. Dreamb0ard brings elegant user interface to iPad, it changes the way how iOS looked. Certain themes from Dreamb0ard can even add HTC Sense like touch or Android 3.0 neon element to the iPad 2. Dreamboard is priced at $2.99 at Cydia store.

3. SB Settings

Already been one of the most popular tweak for iPhone/iPod, SB Settings now also works on iPad 2. SB Settings create a shortcut gesture over the clock which allows you to access all your settings directly from the home or lockscreen without actually going into the settings app. SB Settings is available at Cydia Store for free.

4. RetinaPad

If you ever tried running the same iPhone only applications on iPad they look blowned up. Since iPad 2 have more resolution than iPhone, running iPhone apps on iPad makes it upscaled with poor build. RetinaPad is a perfect jailbreak tweak to run all your iPhone apps on iPad. It fixes the pixels and makes the app look really good on iPad size. RetinaPad is available at Cydia store for free.

5. PhoneITiPad

For running this tweak you must be having the 3G version of iPad 2. Basically Apple designed iPad to get only data service over 3G but PhoneITiPad made is possible to get calling facilities too. Using PhoneITiPad you can gain access to calling facilities which people normally get over iPhone so you can use your iPad as phone too. PhoneITiPad is available for $20 at Cydia Store.

6. Barrel

If you are tired of the same sliding menu changing animation, here’s a perfect solution for you. Barrel changes the way how menu slides by addition of various effects like 3D Cube, Spiral etc. These are sheer unexpected effects, just install Barrel and see the magic. Barrel is available for $3.00 at Cydia store.

7. iFile

If you are a developer or if you like playing with the device source code, iFile is the app you are looking for. Editing the source code is pretty tough job from PC and if you go wrong anywhere you might crash up everything. iFile allows editing the source code from your device itself. It works pretty smooth and is more safe than SSHing the device and using plist editors over PC. iFile is available for free at Cydia Store.

8. GridLock

GridLock is a very small tweak which unlocks the grid like assembly of the icons at home page and allows you to place your icons anywhere on the home screen. It’s just like basic Windows ‘Arrange to Grid’ concept brought over iPad. GridLock is available at Cydia store for $0.99.

9. PkgBackup

Sometime due to accidents your purchased app from Cydia might be get deleted, that results in buying the app again. Its total burn to the pocket if the app is not cheap. Now there’s no need to worry about this issue, PkgBackup brought an all new way which backs up your purchased applications, tweaks over Cydia. So even if you loose the app, you can restore it from PkgBackup without spending any money by downloading it again. PkgBackup is available at Cydia store for $7.99.

10. FullForce

FullForce is just an alternative to RetinaPad and performs just same like it. FullForce allows to run iPhone apps at full resolution on iPad 2 eliminating the distortions and making it pure iPad app. Using FullForce with ‘BytaFont’ gives a perfect example how things were and will be. Like RetinaPad, FullForce is also available for free at Cydia store.

11. BytaFont

BytaFont is an appearance tweak, you might think it something related to Fonts from its name and Yes!, BytaFont is a jailbreak tweak allowing to change the existing Apple font provided on your iPad. There are many BytaFont supported fonts available at Cydia store. BytaFont is available for free at Cydia store.

12. PDF Patcher 2

iPad 2 got lot’s of PDF security holes, one of this hole was itself responsible for the Jailbreak of iPad 2. These security holes are readily attacked by malwares. PDF Patcher 2 plays important role in fixing this holes making your device safe from malwares. PDF Patcher 2 is available for free at Cydia store.

13. Infini folders

In iOS, you are restricted to put only 12 apps in each folder on home page. This in some cases turns out to be hectic increasing the number of pages. Infini folders allow to put infinite number of applications in each folder which can be easily accessed by scrolling down the apps in the folder up and down. Infini folders is available for $1.99 at Cydia store.

14. LockInfo

Tired of the same lock screen with just a clock, a wallpaper and slide to unlock text. LockInfo adds some exiting elements to your lockscreen making it same like Android. The basic difference between Android and iOS is the widgets on the lockscreen which give pretty fast access for all the applications. Since iOS officially lacks this feature the jailbreak developers took over this and developed LockInfo which adds lists of widgets on your lockscreen making it readily like Android lockscreen. LockInfo is available at Cydia store for $7.99

15. Some Minor Tweaks

  • CyDelete: Allow you to delete application downloaded from Cydia just like you do for other applications.
  • iNoRotate: Disables auto rotate of screen.
  • MultiIcon Mover: Allows selecting and moving multiple icons at once.
  • No LockScreen: Completely removes the lockscreen and slide to unlock text unless you have not set any passcode.
  • Keyboard fixer iOS 4.3 +: Fixes the keyboard bug in iOS 4.3+.

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