10 Top-Selling iPhone Apps of all Time

Notably, iTunes App Store marked over 25 billion downloads of different Apps available in the market both free and paid applications. Apple, one of the star providers of modern quality handsets, released a list of top selling apps of all time, ever noted in history.

And this includes the following 10 best-seller apps:

#1 Camera + App

This ranks best as top-selling iPhone Apps of all time. The Camera+ has the basic photo editing features like photo cropping and adding special photo-effects. It also has the capability of uploading your photo directly to facebook. Camera+ is one of the cheapest iPhone app bearing the price tag of $0.99, is still available in the Apps Store.

#2 Pocket Gold App

Pocket Gold is an iPhone game app which allows you to rule over your people in the island. You play as God over the entire islander and  control the fate of all the citizens and control the fate of all the citizens. You have the power and authority.  The app is continuously updating new episodes of the game, every now and then.

#3 Angry Birds Rio App

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games played by most young and adult. This iPhone app was released as partnership with the animated film, Rio.  Though it is the Angry Birds game, its graphics and style has difference with the desktop Angry Birds App. This special edition lets you rescue exotic feathery friends instead of usually destructing the swine’s hoard. More special features and exiting tactics are improved in this App that you will surely enjoy.

#4 Tiny Wings App

Tiny Wings, one of the top-selling iPhone app, was recently chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year in the App Store Rewind 2011 list compiled in Europe. This comes with a beautiful graphics art that engages gamers to play on their iPhone.

#5 Words with Friends App

This app – Words with friends –  is one of the most expensive iPhone app that costs $2.99 per download. The reason why this ranked on the best 10 top-selling iPhone app since many people love this app for if they can’t play this game on their iPhone they can  continue it on Facebook.

#6 Angry Birds Seasons App

This application updates the levels that match with the season you are in, like Chinese New Year,  Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Halloween. The constant updates also bring you new birds with new unique powers, which you can play according to your more comfortable with your game character that suits your ongoing season.

#7 Cut the Rope App

The Cut the Rope game has acquired more than 60 million downloads, recently. This was also the first strategy game that win  a BAFTA award for Best Handheld  Game , landed in IGN’s  Best Game on The iPone List in 2011. The app can be sold in the App Store for $0.99 only.

#8 Doodle Jump App

Doodle Jump was developed by Lima Sky. This is the most enjoyable game app you can ever play in your iPhone. You can bounce your way to the top while battling aliens and UFOs, by just tilting your iPhone either left or right. Even the developer – Lima Sky – developed a special Christmas edition of this app, the old version still remains the popular choice of most of the iPhone geeks.

#9 Fruit Ninja App

Fruit Ninja is another top-selling iPhone app, a beautiful game that requires completer eye and hand coordination. This game will develop your visual and kinetic skills.

#10 Angry Birds App

Of course the Angry birds is one of the most popular games in iPhone, no doubt this became one of the top-selling iPhone app in history.

Which of these apps you owned? How is your experience with such? Share your experience below.