TouchFire – A Thin and Lightweight Keyboard Accessory for your iPad

If you face a lot of problems while typing on your iPad, we offer you a real working solution. What’s that?? TouchFire! The multi-touch keyboard alternative that was born earlier as a project has now turned into a real product.

TouchFire is a thin membrane of silicone rubber that behaves as a physical keyboard for your iPad, when placed in landscape orientation. It has been specifically designed to work with Apple’s iPad 1 case and Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover. But, it will also work with many other third-party cases, as long as there is enough room for TouchFire on the surface of the iPad.  Of course, there are tons of options available in market but they add weight to your tablet. TouchFire does not!

How TouchFire Works?

  • TouchFire comes with a pair of cover clips. Clips help you secure the silicone membrane magnetically to your iPad’s cover. At first, you have to remove the adhesive back on the 2 top cover clips and place them on TouchFire.

  • Once done, you can adjust the overlay on your iPad display and close the Smart Cover so that clips adhere to the underside of your Smart Cover. The transparent and silicone rubber overlay fits easily over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. And since it is transparent, you can see the keys underneath it.
  • Each key has four cells that provide a feedback to the input given. Plus, keys emit a sound when you press them too hard. Area towards the bottom that covers space bar, letter/symbol toggle, mic button, and keyboard toggle is not raised. You have to activate those elements through the keyboard.
  • There is something that goes against the keyboard. What’s that? The thin and lightweight keyboard absorbs dust and dirt but, it can be rinsed under the running tap water and towel dried. Moreover, you get a thin storage case for safekeeping.

TouchFire costs approximately $50 and can be purchased from here.