How to use TouchRetouch for iPhone, Android phone, to create a perfect picture

TouchRetouch is an award-winning photo editor application that allows you to dispose of the undesirable contents from your photo just by a finger touch. The application is chiefly developed for Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from Android Market or Mac App Store. It also covers video tutorials (Basic and Advanced) to guide you along the way.


The application is a serious competition to Photoshop, in fact, scores a plus point over it in many areas. TouchRetouch is very versatile and is loaded with some great features and functions mentioned below,

1. Limitless Undo\Redo actions

2. Smart image background recovery techniques

3. No over refinements in the final image

4. Easy to use interface

5. 1:1 view

6. Enables Facebook, Twitter, Flickr sharing

7. Finger move hint

App start

Load the image from your camera or from a picture gallery to edit it.


Use your fingers to zoom in the image and drag until you get the spot to be edited. The application will then offer several tools to retouch the image.


  • Lasso– It allows you to draw free-form outlines over the area that needs to be removed from an image using your fingers. This tool is perfect to use when you need to cover bigger objects.
  • Brush– Brush tool enables you to paint a mask over the spot/area that needs to be erased. This tool is very much identical to spot healing brush in Photoshop
  • Clone Stamp– It allows you to replicate a portion from the image into the erased area to overshadow the blemishes created by Lasso and Brush tool.
  • Go– You will notice when you use the Lasso and Brush tools you’ll get a red area over the painted object. Go button removes this red masked area and retouches your photo.

red masked area

  •  Eraser- This tool erases areas masked in red only that are made using Brush and Lasso tool and not the image.

All the above tools are intended for retouching. Other tools mentioned below perform miscellaneous actions.

  • Load Image
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Info
  • Move
  • Save

After the final adjustments in the image are made and the desired result is accomplished save the image using ‘Save‘ option.