Track Price of Tech Products with PriSpy, a Universal Price Tracking Tool

There are many price tracker applications available for share traders but what about the same for mass population? This very subject has led to the development of PriSpy, a universal price tracking tool. The idea originated in a 28 year old Digital Media MA student’s mind, located in London.

PriSpy is a free web app that functions as a price tracker and is usable for specific websites like Amazon, Apple, Dell, Etsy, Zappos and similar e-commerce websites. So, if you are on a shopping tour and find some products quite interesting but not in your budget plan – press the PriSpy button! The application will check the daily price of the product for you.

It sends you a daily report of the pitching price. Whenever you feel, that the price is right, you can purchase it. Price fall, even if marginal, will be displayed immediately. The program includes an algorithm implemented in NodeJS with a special ingredient to fetch the price of the website.

To install PriSpy simply visit the Homepage (link provided at the end of the article) and drag the ‘PriSpy’ button to the Bookmarks bar.

How to use the tool?

 To track the price of a product all the user requires is a click on the price tracker tool and specify when he needs an alert. There are two notification settings, when there is a price drop or when the price has dribbled down a particular value. The app then sends a mail to the account used for registering with PriSpy.

Features in a nutshell:

  • Free Price tracker tool
  • Simple to install and easy-to-use (drop the price tracker in the Bookmarks Bar
  • Applicable on a daily basis
  • Keeps tab of multiple products
  • Small and compact

In all, PriSpy is an excellent web app that performs price tracking via a simple method.

Visit Prispy.