How To Transfer Data From Your iPhone to BlackBerry

Here is a typical scenario. You got yourself a new phone and are really excited about it. But soon you find yourself in a situation wherein you need to copy all the data (contents, calendar, etc.) to the brand new phone.

iPhone to BlackBerry

This situation bugs you since the most uncomplicated way that comes to your mind is manually enter phone contacts and calendar one by one. This looks like a tedious job. Typically there is no straightforward method (or software) available to accomplish the task at hand but workarounds are possible. Lets take a look at them.

With the help of Phone management apps

Phone vendors provide desktop applications with the phone so that one can manage contents from the PC itself. These apps are quite user friendly and provide sync operation and administration so that phone could be synched with PC and vise versa.

The phone management application provided with iPhone is iTunes and that of Blackberry is Desktop Manager.

We can use these apps to copy the contents to some extent as explain in the steps below:

  • Connect iPhone to the PC and Lunch iTunes
  • Sync the contents of iPhone with MS Outlook using iTunes
  • For that to happen you need go to iTunes sync setup. Here you have the option to sync all the contacts (and calendar) of iPhone with Outlook
    iPhone to iTunes
  • Now remove iPhone and connect Blackberry device
  • Run Blackberry Desktop Manager and synchronize Outlook with Blackberry device.
  • Hopefully this operation shall copy all the contacts and calendar to Blackberry
  • Please note that you need to copy media (music, videos) by mapping the phone memory on the PC and manually copying it.
    Desktop manager to BlackBerry

With SIM card memory use

This method is very generic in nature but works most of the times. You need to have an idea of phone menu functions for this method to work correctly (specially contact management commands and functionality).

  • Copy the entire phone book to SIM card. If card memory small then do in smaller chunks
  • Put SIM in new phone (Blackberry)
  • Copy all the contents from SIM to Phone memory.
  • You may have to choose the “copy all” command to copy all the contacts in one go
  • Repeat this steps until all the contacts are copied
    iPhone to BlackBerry

With use of Custom software Application

There are certain Apps available over the net, which can help on backing up as well as transfer the contacts from iPhone to BlackBerry device. One such App called iPhone Tool Kits, which can be used for this purpose.

Please follow the procedure:

  • Launch the iPhone Tool Kits app and connect iPhone
  • The App shall automatically detect the connected device
    iPhone to BlackBerry transfer app
  • Go to main menu and click on Contact Transfer option
  • Back up the contacts as vcf (or vcard) and save in local PC
  • Now Exit iPhone Tool Kit and remove iPhone.
  • Connect BlackBerry device and copy the .vcf file manually
  • Locate the .vcf file in BlackBerry and run it to restore the contacts

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