Transferring Rich HTML Email Signature from a Desktop to an iPad

In today’s electronic world, most document transmission is done via emails. Emails can be described as an Internet message consisting of the following main components

  1. Message header
  2. Message Body

Messenger header essentially contains control information, i.e. an originator’s email address and one or more recipient addresses. The descriptive information is added in the message body. If you want, you an email signature too can be added to the message body. It often includes a hyperlink or an image or a combination of the two. This makes your mail more easily recognizable and adds a little more personality to your emails.

Most of us already keep our email address and other links as signatures in the desktop version of our favorite email clients. We can actually transfer them to our iPad too. Let’s see how!

Transferring Rich HTML Email signature from a desktop to an iPad

Assuming you already have an HTML signature, send a blank email message having your signature from your desktop to your iPad.

Now, open the same email on your iPad.

Then, press and hold down on the signature until the selection tool becomes visible on your iPad screen.

Next, move the anchors to highlight the complete signature and choose the ‘Copy’ option.

When done, press the ‘Home’ button to return to your Home screen.

Now, launch the ‘settings’ app from your iPad and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Scroll down to find the ‘Signature’. Gently tap the option.

Then, look for the account name you’d like to change. Tap on the screen in the empty text box to get the paste option and tap it.

You will now see your signature with HTML links. Anyone who clicks on this will link automatically be directed to your website or the path you specified in the link.