Transform Your T.V Viewing Experience with A Personalized, Social t.v Guide

In an increasingly crowded market of social video aggregators and TV link sites enters a new personalized TV guide-, a mix of TV directory and social networking site. It can be used to keep track of one’s favorite TV shows as it lists all upcoming episodes. Your TV experience doesn’t have to end when the show is over.

You can share your thoughts; see what your friends are watching and dig deeper into your favorite TV shows. It includes multiple social features combined with a beautiful interface.

Once you’ve added friends to your list, you will be able to view and comment on their activity, such as watched episodes, comments and more. Latest development leaves scope for Facebook and Twitter integration as well as SMS and email reminders for new episodes. However, the website offers no links to Hulu or Netflix to catch up on content online. helps to,

  • Get reminders about when the next episode of your favorite show is on.
  • Get news and updates about your favorite shows and characters.
  • Comment on episodes and shows and hear what your friends are saying.
  • Keep track of what episodes you missed and what you need to catch-up on.
  • Rate shows/episodes and discover new shows to watch.

Just as you browse and interact on the website you could do the same on an iPhone as fully featured version of the application is offered on the device too. So, Just about anything that can be done on the website, can be done via the iOS app:

  1. Post and Comment
  2. Manage your Queue
  3. Find out ‘What’s On Tonight’
  4. Message Your Friends
  5. View User Profiles
  6. View Show and Episode Profiles

So, just tell which shows you love watching and it will tell you when the new episodes will be aired. Check out