Best 5 travel and navigation apps for BlackBerry

Vacations is the time when you step out of your home and explore new places. While it’s easy for you to remember all the landmarks if you have been to a place before, exploring a completely new place may put you in some trouble. You might even find yourself lost somewhere. Letting strangers know that you are travelling alone and asking them to help you out with directions is not a better idea either. Then, what do you do?

Using your mobile phone as a navigation device is really interesting process, with your navigation app you can discover and plan your travel without wasting much time that you were going to waste when mislaying between the big paper maps. So here we have some Navigation apps for your Black Berry Device.

Best 3 travel and navigation apps for BlackBerry


Poynt is an award-winning  search application for BlackBerry devices. The navigation application runs on the GPS of your device. It aggregates the list of events or names of nearby famous places that you can visit. With Poynt you can buy tickets, add a place to your calendar or reserve table at a local restaurant. The application does its task very efficiently and save your time when you are traveling in an unknown area.

Click here to download Poynt from Black Berry App World.

Google Maps

The widely used navigation application from Google is now available for BlackBerry OS. The app is free for use and can be downloaded from Some features that are available in Google Map Android Version are not available in the BB version. But still the app works efficiently and is convenient to use. The search results are accurate, the navigation is  good and other features such as Latitude and Driving/Walking/Biking Directions are mostly correct.

Click here to download Google Maps.


BlackBerry Travel is an awesome travelling, navigation and a trip planning app. With this app you can find most places around you. The app syncs with your BlackBerry phone and provides real time updates from your calendar or your favorites list. The app also provides you with flight information, affordable accommodation and car rentals for trips. With this app you can share your location, so that your friends or colleagues can catch up.

Click here to download BlackBerry Travel from BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry Maps

Like Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps is a free navigation and travel app available for BlackBerry users. The app comes pre-installed on BlackBerry OS 7.0 or above. When you are driving the app works like a charm it provides step-by-step directions and turn-by-turn directions. The latest version of BlackBerry Maps has many new interesting features. It helps you better understand road-signs.

Click here to download BlackBerry Maps.

WisePilot GPS Navigator

This is what we call: all in one pack. WisePilot GPS Navigator is basically meant for searching, navigation and mapping and it has got some really nice features too. One of the best feature of this app is that it alerts you where a roadside camera is installed so that you play safe if you are up to some mischief. With this app you can search, add to favourites, share places with friends, navigate with GPS and do more. This app also aggregates the list of nearby events and display them to you in an intuitive way. This app is a perfect for those who love travelling and visit new places, frequently.

Click here to download WisePilot GPS Navigator.

So that was all in our list!