Tumblr Hits over 20 Billion Posts Today!

Tumblr, a microblogging platform has hit significant milestones in the blogosphere, over 20 billion post today, according to the latest statistics displayed on the “About” page of the tumblr.com. This is a huge increase from 12 billion post stats dated November, lately on the previous year 2011.
“Forgot to make a big deal of this earlier, but Tumblr crossed the 20-billion-post mark Monday night” a statement tweet from the official Tumblr account, linking a page that displays Tumblr’s daily statistics.
Today, a recent snapshot of the Tumblr’s stat shows the massive number of its rapid changes and development compared to the valuable changes last year. It has an over 20 Billion post, almost 50 million total registered blogs and over 50 million posts every day and counting.
Tumblr’s amazing milestone recently has surprised many social geeks. In June 2011, Tumblr reported, it had more blogs than WordPress.com, since Tumblr has doubled the number of blogs which WorPress had – over 72 million WordPress blogs in certain amount of time – in comparison of both.
The rapid arise of the number of users registered to Tumblr is due to its remarkable simplicity. Like other leading social microblogging platforms, Tumblr has its unique characteristics that engages user to stick with. More and more users are counting to be part of Tumblr’s history, but according to a blog post – one thing that Tumblr has to achieve is the variable business plan despite of its significant funding.