How to Turn your iPad into a Laptop using Brydge

Ever thought of turning your iPad into Laptop? If yes, we have got something in our store for you. There are variety of keyboards and accessories available in the market that promises to turn your iPad into a Laptop. But somehow they don’t offer the environment that one expects.

Three guys named Brad, Eddy and Sam have come up with a new revolution called “Brydge”. The guys behind this project have been aiming to transform an iPad into a high quality Laptop by developing a product, Brydge which comes loaded with Stereo speakers.

The Brydge is made up of aerospace-grade aluminum and it connects to the iPad using a patent-pending hinge. The click in hinge allows around 180 degrees of iPad positioning. The speakers are optional.

The aluminum body of Brydge is machined and anodized in such a way that it matches the look of the iPad. When you keep Brydge beside an iPad, it will feel like the two parts of the device are separated. The keys of the keyboard gives you the appearance of a Macbook Pro.

Hinge of Brydge:

The hinge is made up of metal alloys and magnets with a thermoplastic elastomeric shell. It allows you to position your iPad at any angle. Once you have connected Brydge on your iPad there’s no need to enclose it anytime again. You can just fold it in and you are ready to move. If you want your iPad Brydge-Free then just hold the Brydge and Pull your iPad easily. That was simple.

Stereo Speakers of Brydge:

If you wish to have Speakers with your Brydge then you will have to pay a little bit more. Brydge connects with your iPad via Bluetooth so you don’t need any kind of wires or plugs. The iPad speakers are not good enough. This improves the sound quality of the iPad as well.

Status of Brydge:

The creators of this project are raising funds for manufacturing Brydge on Kickstarter. The initial cost they required was $90k but the project is so good that a lot of organizations have backed it and it has raised more than $335k so far.

We hope that Brydge will hit the markets soon and at a competitive cost.