Turn Your iPad 3G into a fully Functional iPhone with PhoneItiPad App

It’s hard to believe but you can make your simple iPad 3G capable to work like a  fully functional phone, that too is without any hardware modification. All what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and it will do anything  same like iPhone, it can make phone calls, send messages, face-time and performs other iPhone functions as well.

iPhoneslam app

The iPhoneIslam team developed a Cydia app called PhoneItiPad which turns your iPad 3G to an iPhone. As we know iPhoneIslam team was behind the FaceIt3GS app, which enabled FaceTime on older iPhone 3GS devices. iPhoneIslam haven’t announced  a release date for PhoneItiPad but it will apparently be available on the Cydia Store ‘very soon’. We will let you know once it’s out, so stay tune for latest update.

Here is what their blog say

Will not need any additional components only, i.e, Bad and Jailbreak it, and then works as a phone 3G Alaibad full receive and transmit calls and messages until Elvis Time. Regarding the issuance of a hostile program, soon, God willing – there is no specific time … we just loved the world, rejoice with us but there are a lot of work to ensure the stability of the program

Again Form iPhoneIslam Team, The Team Who Brings You FaceIt3GS. This time you will not believe it, That’s why we made this video :) A hack that will change the game. Can you imagine turn your iPad to a fully functional phone. WIth No Speical Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone – Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC.

No Release Date is out, but will be out on Cydia Store very soon.

Check out the demo video of a hacked iPad 3G  in action: