Over 50,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked, Reveals Twitter Insider

Just a month back, Twitter faced a potential security issue. A bug (now fixed) allowed Tweetdeck users to access accounts of others. The issue came into light after a TweetDeck user reported that the Twitter client was giving him access to hundreds of other accounts. Days after the incident, a new issue has popped up! Findings have revealed that more than 55000 twitter accounts were hacked by activists from the hacker group, dubbed Anonymous.

Twitter Accounts Hacked!

Airdemon.net, an aggregator of hacking news too confirmed the successful attack on Twitter after it found a Pastebin user posting five long pages of the compromised Twitter accounts. Pastebin further went on to add celebrity accounts were among those compromised, and claimed to have got the information from a Twitter insider.

One of the victims of the Twitter hack was popular ‘SHUTTER ISLAND’ star, Mark Ruffalo. While the star was busy celebrating his movie success (AVENGERS), a hacker took control of his twitter account and changed the username from @MRuff221 to @Mark_Ruffalo. This was not all as the prankster further went on to post a variety of strange posts, including one that read:

“The women of Hollywood sure have some great boobs. Here are the top 15!”

The 44-year old AVENGER star eventually got his original account back after a fan fought for it on the actor’s behalf.

Representatives from Twitter however have debunked the hack reports. They said that the list of accounts posted to Pastebin contains no real but mostly duplicate information and account information of already suspended spam accounts. They also mentioned that Twitter has taken additional steps by sending out emails to users of affected accounts, reminding them to change their passwords.

Personally, I feel it is better to check your name in the HACKED ACCOUNT LIST (Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5) rather than relying on false assurances. Also, check the security settings. If you are worried about your Twitter account security, change your password and view security settings in Twitter’s Help Center for additional help.

What you should do to protect your account?

  1. Change your password regularly
  2. Make your password strong. How? Use capital letters and also include both, alpha and numeric characters.

Stay Safe!

Source – Airdemon.net