Is Twitter traffic over-rated? StumbleUpon is largest traffic driver among in US!

If you see the global traffic stats by StatCounter for the top 7 social media you will see Facebook at the top, followed by StumbleUpon. Twitter follows a lowly 4th.

It appears that globally Facebook drove the maximum traffic to other sites followed by StumbleUpon. But if you see the stats for North America, for this month, you will see that web discovery engine StumbleUpon is currently the biigest traffic driver among all social media sites.

Facebook faced a severe drop in traffic in April 2011 when at the same time StumbleUpon traffic shot up.

Did the Panda Update hit Facebook too? We all know that Facebook is not Google’s best friend. ;)

Visit StatCounter for details – an do check out the stats for each continent and various periods too! Makes pretty interesting vieweing!