Updated UC Browser 9.0 for Android, Java and 2.0 for iPad brings offline video streaming and incognito browsing

Mobile Internet company UCWeb has launched a revamped UC Browser for Android, Java and iPad. It brings a lot of useful features such as UI enhancements, offline video streaming, incognito browsing, ad blocking etc. to the table. UC Browser is a market leader in terms of user base with 400 million plus users across 150 countries.

UC Browser for Android (v9.0)

It brings UI enhancements such as unlimited speed dials, multiple start-up screens and the start screen support for drag and drop for shortcuts or favorites to create folders. Customized themes and wallpapers are now supported via the UC Theme Centre. Other notable changes include incognito browsing for anonymous surfing, ad blockage and improved tool for taking and editing screenshots. The browser also allows users to cache videos for offline viewing in absence of internet connectivity.

UC Browser updated

“We are working with partners across domains and verticals by way of sharing traffic, users, and revenue with them; thus creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both. The Indian mobile internet community will benefit from the investment that we make in building an ecosystem in the market. We are open to explore the fresh stream of ideas and newer business models to sustain the vitality of the community,” says Mr. Xiapeng He, Co-Founder & President of UCWeb.

UC Browser for Java (v9.0)

It also brings improved UI with support for night mode. UCWeb’s free online storage service UDisk is also supported for users which gives them 2 GB of permanent storage space online and 4 GB of temporary space for a week. Users can use UDisk to save information such as user account credentials and download multimedia files in the background for faster playback.

UC Browser for iPad (v2.0)

The revamped UC Browser for iPad employs a U3 engine to give a performance boost and three times better graphic processing with up to 30 fps. The support for WebGL standard allows the browser to render even those graphics heavy pages that Apple’s Safari browser does not support as yet. Advanced hardware rendering is also thrown in as a bonus to improve speed. Browser also offers a “View it Later” mode with complete multimedia support for overall offline viewing.

Cloud acceleration technology reduces data costs by up to 85% and reduces rendering time for web pages. The cloud download support lets you save files that iPad cannot recognize for later access via other devices. A new user interface and night mode support just about rounds up the awesome new feature list for iPad browser.

The company has 25% market share in India and will soon be opening its second headquarters here. Let us know your reviews in the comments below and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook.