uCertify : A certification preparation platform – Review

Certification exams always interested me.  The first certification exam I undertook was the Microsoft Technology Associate in which I topscored among my fellow colleagues, jumped on the chair in excitement only to find that I needed three more marks to pass that exam. Sigh.

Anyways moving over, a few days ago I came to know about uCertify. Even a blind guess would mean that this has something to do with certification. Yes it does. In simple words, uCertify is a preparation platform that allows users to study for their respective certification exam in the most smartest of ways as their mantra says: ‘Learn smarter, not harder‘.

A usual uCertify Prepkit or Preparation kit for the exam consists of the all-powerful PrepEngine or that allows a user to customize the material according to his/her strengths and weaknesses, thus saving a lot of precious time on mugging up everything and also giving a lot of freedom to the user on what is good for him.

According to uCertify, “We help you gain the skills you need not just to pass the test, but to actually use them on the job!

The salient features of a uCertify Preparation Kit can be broadly classified into the following:

  • Learning for a certification exam or test isn’t rocket science, especially with uCertify. With a simple and user-friendly interface, a user get everything he wants right on the screen, thus giving the whole process an ‘intuitive’ feel.
  • Well it isn’t just about burying your head into exhaustive test material anymore. The learning process at uCertify consists of clear crucial chapters, test preparation guidelines, overview of the exam format, informative tips and more.
  • The Reference Notes and Study Guides come handy before taking a test and are smartly designed to fulfill the objectives of the  final test, thus ensuring that the user get to learn what all he requires in the particular context.
  • Oh yes, apart from reference notes and study guids, there are plenty of study aids like curriculum notes, flash cards and pop quizzes etc.
  • A user can also assess his proficiency level before taking the actual test with the help of exhaustive but focussed practice questions and tests.
  • The uCertify database also consists of hundreds of useful technical articles and how to’s that contain valuable information written by industry experts.
  • With uCertify, you can yourself customize your tests – you can decide how many questions can a test consist of, you can combine one or more topics of your choice, you can quiz yourself on a study note, increase the level of difficulty based on your performance at any point in time, create a test based on the amount of time you have to take a test and more! Woah!
  • After undertaking a test, a uCertify user can take help from the Feedback and Assessment unit which includes Gap Analysis that clearly indicates the areas of strength and weakness of the user in that test or on an overall basis.

Users can log on to uCertify and undertake various certification exams like MCSE, CCNA, PMP, MCTS, MCITP, SCJP, A+, Network+,OCP, OCA, CIW etc ranging from Microsoft, Oracle-Sun, Cisco, Linux, IBM, Adobe etc.

All in all, uCertify seems to be an interactive, electronic learning platform that combines step-by-step, guided learning with realistic exam simulation for IT certification exams.