How to Use the new UI of Gmail

From last few months Google is making many changes related to UI, functioning or addition of new features to its all leading products and services. Google has now also revamped the UI of Gmail and its pretty attractive, neat and beautiful in looks. Everything seems to be managed beautifully and gives a refreshing look.

Currently, this new UI is not enabled by default but you can apply and use it on your own. To do so, follow these few simple steps:

1. Log in to your Gmail account, then click on Settings icon available at upper most right corner and go to Mail Settings.

Gmail new UI

2. Under Mail Settings, click on Themes tab and scroll down to the end.

Gmail new UI

3. At last, you will see two new themes named as Preview (dense) and Preview. Select any one of these and wait for few seconds.

Gmail new UI

Congratulations you are now using the new future UI of Gmail. Google is currently testing the new looks, it will be available as default UI of Gmail in coming months.

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  1. as interesting as it might be, most people who use gmail will most likely use apple mail lol. nicer interface!

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