Ultrabooks will Rule 43% of Laptop Market in Three Years

Ultrabooks may not have impressed anyone with their shipment levels yet, but that doesn’t mean, by any means, that they aren’t going to do it in the times coming.

MacBook Air

It is the notion of IHS iSuppli that Ultrabooks will rapidly catch on once they really start shipping from the next year.

This prediction is in something of a stark contrast with the initial sales of such laptops, which faced a Luke warm response in the market.

Again, it wasn’t so much competition from tablets or low specs that caused this cold start, but it was the high price of the Ultrabooks that did.

Future models will have convertible form factors and touchscreens, though, so if the price does start to fall properly, there isn’t any reason they shouldn’t be able to catch their share of customers.

For those who want numbers, iSuppli expects the Ultrabooks to secure a share of 13% in 2012 (up from 2% in 2011), then 28% in 2013, 38% or more in 2014 and, finally, 43% in 2015.

Actually, if things go in accordance with the plan, the 40% threshold should be attained as soon as the early months of 2015.

Acer Aspire S3

As Ultrabooks adoption grows, flash memory will start to sell better, since SSDs are commonplace on these laptops. By extension, the slowdown in sales of semiconductors could be fixed as well.

This is the age where Ultrabooks, and the demand for technology are not be limited to only a few companies. Ultrabooks require a comprehensive bill of materials, so companies focused on memory, logic and power management all would participate in the rebirth of demand.

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