15 more new features of Apple iOS 5

Apple has recently announced the iOS 5 and its new features in WWDC 2011. I am sure that you must have read about the new features for sure, but just cross check the features posted here. You might have missed these!


  1. App notifications has been improved at the top and introduced the Notification Center, which is a new notification system. For every app, you can choose notification options. You can even sort the notification by app and by time.
  2. When you swipe on lock screen, the Lock screen notification will opens the related apps.
  3. You can do text messaging between any iOS devices over 3G Wi-Fi using iMessage. You can use emoticons like you do while using major IMs.
  4. Like the old Photos app, you can pinch to zoom gesture on camera app. You can even swipe left to open camera roll and organize the photos in Camera roll.
  5. New One tap Auto Focus as well as Auto Exposure is introduced in the iOS 5.
  6. You can Remove and correct Red-eye of images in the Photos app.
  7. In Safari browser, a reader similar to RSS reader functionality integrated. You can save the WebPages for offline reading in the Safari reading list. The tabbed browsing feature added in Safari, and it’s for iPad only. Private browsing feature also available.
  8. Twitter is integrated in iOS 5. From settings, you need to login to Twitter once and Tweet from photos, YouTube, Safari etc. You can even use Twitter pictures for contacts in your iOS 5 device.
  9. On the lock screen, you can double tap on Home button to open the Camera app. You can take pictures from the lock screen by using volume up button.
  10. Delta Software Updates featured in iOS. As like WordPress update, you need to only update the changed files during an update.
  11. When composing email, you can use Rich Text Formatting (Underline, Bold, Italics etc.) You can even drag, arrange email addresses in BCC, CC and To fields while composing the mail. You can search full content in mail app. For Mail app, offline support also much improved.
  12. For iPad only, to switch between running apps, you can swipe left or swipe right with 4-5 fingers.
  13. You can now set custom tones for Mail, Calendars, and Voice-mail features.
  14. For iPad, the Music app is completely redesigned. And Sync smart playlist from iTunes.
  15. While still syncing in background, now you can use any app in your iOS 5 device.

These are the 15 new/updated features added to iOS 5 by Apple.

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