Unfold for iPhone brings ‘Fold to Unlock’ feature for iOS

An iPhone concept floated recently which showed all new unlocking concept for iPhone. It was ‘Fold to unlock’ . The concept looked much better and cool than the existing ‘Slide to unlock’. But concepts rarely turn into reality and so there were doubts raised against it.

Anton Kudin made the Fold to unlock concept. This amazing concept immediately caught the attention of the jailbreak community. Just after few days the concept was shown, a German jailbreak developer Jonas Gessner worked on the idea and developed a new tweak which brought this concept into reality.

Unfold for iPhone

Named as ‘Unfold’ it replicates the Fold to unlock concept as it is. It’s very simple and super effective which give your iPhone locks screen much better feel.

Unfold for iPhone replaces the ‘Slide to unlock’ bar and knob with ‘Fold to unlock’ text. Just like we did for ‘Slide to unlock’ swipe your finger across the ‘Fold to unlock’ text and your lock screen is folded like an accordion. The fold animation is super smooth and doesn’t add any lags while performing.

All the elements on the lock screen including, clock, wallpaper, date, carrier name, etc. gets folded without getting distorted. Unfold is also compatible with most of the lock screen tweaks like IntelliscreenX, LockInfo, Camera Grabber and also iPhone native unlock pass code system.

Unfold is available in Cydia store under BigBoss repo. The best part of it is, it is FREE!. Unfold works perfectly with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It also supports iPod Touch running iOS 5, but it doesn’t support iPad at the moment.

Getting Unfold for iPhone is easy, just go to Cydia and search for ‘Unfold’, install it and respring your device. You will find the ‘Slide to Unlock’ portion replaced with ‘Fold to unlock’. That’s it. Enjoy your new lock screen animation.