Unlocked iPhone 4 is now officially available in U.S.

Desperate iPhone 4 buyers from United States should be happy now. Those who didn’t want the iPhone over contract from AT&T or Verizon – its time to rejoice. Apple has officially started selling unlocked iPhone 4 at the Apple Store.

Factory unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple over the GSM service provider are now available over the Apple Store as well as Apple’s online store. Till today users had to pay two years contract and that was the reason why sale was not increasing, however gray stores were already selling the factory unlocked iPhone 4.

These unlocked iPhone 4 works on any GSM service provider world wide. That’s why unlocked iPhone 4 is best to put in use when you travel abroad. Since its a GSM device you won’t get the CDMA facilities on it – that’s not required yet. Other phones with CDMA service support 4G LTE which is not yet supported by iPhone 4. That’s why buying a GSM device is better.

The unlocked device arrives without a micro Sim card. You’ll have to choose and buy one and use it with it. In some cases you’ll even need a micro Sim cutter to put your existing card to use.

Unlocked iPhone 4 is available in both the colors, White as well as Black. The pricing is better and of course more than phone available on contract. Pricing is:

  • iPhone 4 – Unlocked (GSM) – 16GB costs $649.00
  • iPhone 4 – Unlocked (GSM) – 32GB costs $749.00

Prices are same for White as well as Black version. iPhone 4 is available for sale, so check your nearest Apple store or buy it over Apple Online store US offering free home delivery but only for United States. Other buyers except United States residents cannot buy the phone online.

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