Unlocked iPhone 4S will be available in November : Pricing

Aaah.. the device has been launched finally after a lot of rumors floating everywhere. This time I wont be coming up with any iPhone 4S impressions post. I’ll directly write a complete hand’s on review of iPhone 4S after 14th October.

At the ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event Apple officially announced most anticipated iPhone 4S along with the pricing. But this pricing was contract based for two years. The contact based pricing was as follows,

  • 16GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

This is only for the US, but what about rest of the world? some might need the fully unlocked phone instead. And like iPhone 4, all new iPhone 4S will be also available in FACTORY UNLOCKED variant.

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S will be proved lot beneficial for the people who travel a lot. This factory unlocked iPhone 4S will enable users to use any local micro-SIM with their phone. However it must be noted that this unlocked variant of iPhone 4S will only work on GSM network.

Pre-orders of iPhone 4S (contract based) are already started and the phone will be available in stores from 14th October. Unlocked variant of the phone will be made available in November. The pricing is not at all bad, however its just some dollars extra to the existing unlocked iPhone 4.

The pricing of unlocked iPhone 4S are as follows:

  • 16GB – $649
  • 32GB – $749
  • 64GB – $849
In my opinion these are the best possible prices provided by Apple for unlocked phone. India will be in the last list to get iPhone 4S, I am expecting December so if any fan boy or enthusiast wants to get it, the ways are open in November but however getting it shipped to India will burn the pockets instead getting yourself will make better sense.


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