Five Unusual Wishes to Santa Claus

December is not just known for being the last month of the year but for also for the entry of a white-bearded man at the end of the month in a red cloak with loads of gifts along with him. We’re talking of Christmas and Santa Claus. What would be my unusual gift-list this time? Follow along.

Tablet: Tablets are in and I would also want one. Being a Microsoft fan-boy, I want my tablet to run on Windows 8. Do not expect me to manually interact with my tablet. Instead, I’d prefer Siri to do that for me. And when it turns dark, there should be BBM facility in my tablet such that I can interact with pals over messaging where I wouldn’t need to type anything; Siri would do that for me on the BBM facility.

Mobile Phone: Why do people hate Microsoft and Nokia? With the Nokia Lumia devices, I think they have done a fairly good job. And now in retaliation, I would wish Santa Claus to gift me a Nokia Lumia 800 phone with an invisible and extendable pointed antenna such that I get plenty of chances in pinching those who earlier made fun of Nokia and their devices.

App: Nowadays, often the unexpected happens and people tend to get angry? What if you end up being the victim of this just released anger? No. With most of the anger-management therapies failing badly, I would want an anger-detection app on my Apple iPhone such it genuinely detects the anger levels of the person in front and warns me to duck below in time to avoid becoming the scape-goat. Ahh! Such a relief.

Games: Datawind have done a great job in introducing the Aakash tablet, the cheapest tablet in the world, primarily intended for students. But its disappointing to learn that there won’t be quality games installed or be played with, on the tablet. C’mon, which student would want to play Tic-Tac-Toe on a tablet? I would want my Aakash tablet to play a game where I can run on the streets, drive cars, kill people and flirt with babes. Oops. GTA IV is the game. Yes, I would want my Aakash tablet to be able to play the GTA IV game for me.

My fifth wish?  I leave that for you friends. Comment below about your craziest or unusual wish (within the digital ecosystem) for this Christmas.

Go creative.

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