End Unwanted Email Overload in Gmail; Use Unroll.me

One big problem that Gmail users have to encounter daily is managing their subscription list. Although their email inbox is primarily meant to allocate sufficient workspace for professional work, it is mostly found littered with unwanted marketing subscription emails from various companies.

Don’t despair—help is on the way! Young founders Rosenwald, Jojo Hedaya, Steven Greenberg, and Perri Gorman have offered a shockingly simple solution to this problem in the form of Unroll.me.

Unroll.me makes it easier for a user to unsubscribe services that he might have signed up for earlier but now, is no longer required. So basically, it helps you to find out which email lists you have subscribed to and unsubscribe from them with a single click, if needed. All you have to do is select the emails that are overloading your inbox.

Getting started with Unroll.me:

  • Visit Unroll.me home page and enter the email service that you use (Gmail). Agree to the terms and conditions of the policy by checking the box and hit the ‘Go’ button.
  • Then, allow the service to access some information from your Google account by signing-in to your google account and approving the request.
  • Next, allow Unroll.me to scan your inbox and roll up your subscription emails into a special inbox.
  • Now to unsubscribe emails from any service overloading your inbox unnecessarily, just click on the minus button next to the emails from that service. Unroll.me automatically unsubscribes all emails from that service.
  • If you think you have mistakenly unsubscribed an email service, just click the Return button to move a subscription back to your personal inbox.
  • Once you have finished with the editing work, click ‘View Rollup’ button to see your rollup in action.
  • If you would like to change the category, hover the cursor over ‘Change Category’ option and select the desired category from the list displayed.

If you are worried about your email account security, don’t be because, Unroll.me maintains privacy and does not check your personal emails at all. Please note that Unroll.me does not work with many older versions of browsers, so make sure you are using the latest versions of your browser.

Visit Unroll.me.