How to upgrade Mac OS X Snow Leopard to OS X Lion 10.7

Claiming to be the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, Lion 10.7 is the eighth and current major release from Mac OS X. It has more than 250 newly embedded features like Launchpad, Mission Control, Airdrop, etc.

Upgrading to OS X Lion 10.7 is pretty much easier, however; you need to shell out some money for it.

Here are the basic upgrade steps to know, which will help you to upgrade the existing OS X Snow Leopard to Lion 10.7.

Snow Leopard

Step1- Some prerequisites for running Lion OS are Intel processor (Core 2 duo sufficient), 4GB of free hard drive space and 2GB of RAM. Look if your Mac computer possesses these features.

Step2- Check the compatibility of the system. Click on the ‘Apple’ icon of your screen select ‘About This Mac’ option.

about this mac option

This will display the information about the processor, memory information and the version of the operating system that you are currently using.

Step2- Update the software. Tap the ‘Apple’ icon again, choose the ‘Software Update’ option now and simply follow the prompts that will be displayed on your screen.

software update option

Step3- Look for the ‘A’- App store icon and open it. Click on the ‘Update’ button and install the updates.

app store

Step4- Download Mac OS X Lion 10.7 from the Application store. If you don’t find the Lion’s image on the screen, enter the text ‘Mac OS X Lion’ in the search field of the application store to locate it.

Click on the ‘Buy App’ button and hold the next step until the file is downloaded completely.

Step5- After the download is complete install the new Mac OS X Lion 10.7 by clicking on the ‘Continue’ button residing in the installation window.

lion installation

Step6- Agree to the terms and fill in the necessary details (password) to complete the installation process.

lion installation-2

Step7- Restart your system.

You are now all set to use your newly upgraded operating system and enjoy its embedded features.