Upload Images Quickly with Facebook Photo Uploader

An unaware fact about Facebook, the largest social networking site is that it hosts over 80 billion photos and adds around 2 billion every month.  However, despite giving all the technological advancements, it has never rendered photo uploading process as a joyous experience.

To solve this problem Google chrome has come up with a handy application, the Facebook photo uploader – a replacement for the old and slow default  photo uploader for Facebook. The uploader claims to make photo uploading a fun process.

The Facebook Photo Uploader comes as Google Chrome’s application that allows you to upload innumerable images and create albums by mere drag & drop gestures.

The utility is free for all the Google Chrome users and claims to fulfill all its users’ expectations with simplicity and practicality. All the user is required is to do is download and install the extension, using an Internet connection.

Once done, the application can be launched from a new tab. At first, the Facebook Photo Uploader will require your Facebook ID and the Password access. Enabling this option will ensure a quick and fast uploading of photos via the Uploader menu.

Chrome extension

All your previous albums will be listed alongside ‘Create a new album’ option. Enter an album name, add a description, select the images you want to be uploaded and drag and drop them to your favored album.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Depending on the size and number, all the images will be added to the album after receiving a notification. Albums that are created using this revamped photo uploader follow a more conserve security settings, set for the album.

Download the Facebook Photo Uploader.