How to Upload and Search Images on Twitter

Twitter has launched its new service called Picture Sharing for all the user. It was launched a far two months ago on June for only selected users, now it is available  for every Twitter user. Until now users were depending on the third party applications to share pictures with their followers. However Twitter realized the importance of it after long 5 years since its start-up in 2006 and rolled out its own image sharing feature by partnering with It still has plans to make improvements to this feature by adding galleries of the uploaded images by the user. 

How can Image Sharing Feature from Twitter be Useful?

There are many incidents where image described the whole story than writing in word. Some of the uses of sharing images with Twitter.

  • When something disaster happens around you, you can quickly snap a photo of it and share it with your twitter followers.
  • Twitter is a micro blogging service so, you can tweet only message of 140 words. If you want to describe more through words than imposed limit then type them on the notepad, take image of it and upload it to Twitter.
  • Share your sweet memories like the memorable person you met, items you had during lunch and many more through images.

How to Upload Image to Twitter?

The image can be uploaded to twitter in a simple three easy steps.

Step 1: Login to Twitter, place cursor in the tweet typing box and look up for the Image icon below the tweet type box.

Step 2: Hit it, browse the image and upload it, later you can see the preview of the image below the tweet box.

Step 3: After typing the message hit tweet. That’s it you have shared an image with your followers on Twitter.

The image you have shared can be viewed by your followers and your non-followers see with a Display media content button through separate image link. if you delete the tweet containing image that doesn’t appear in the search results and the image link will be broken.

How to search Images on Twitter?

On your twitter page just type ‘sp’ which stands for search picture then a search box for the images is displayed. Search the images by typing a query in it. If you want search videos type ‘sv’ on your twitter page.