Use Related Links by Google to Increase Traffic on your Blog or Website

Google Labs has a treasure of amazing apps and services. Some help you experience the next generation web apps, whereas others help you to get the right content, for which you are looking for. Yet others are in the development stage to help webmasters get the best out of their websites.

Google is the most important source of getting traffic on your website or blog. And if your website is not Google friendly then it is of no use. So, time to time Google keeps on introducing some new services which help webmasters to drive more and more traffic on their websites. This time we are discussing about Related Links by Google.

Related Links by Google is a tool to help webmasters increase page views on their sites.

Given a page on your site, Related Links can choose the most related pages from your site and show them. You can embed this gadget in your page to help your users reach other pages easily.

google related links

It is a kind of widget for your blog which helps to show the related links from your site at the end of your posts. Its something like what a Related Posts Plugin does in WordPress. But the main difference is that it also suggests searches that users can run within your site to find even more related pages.

To get a demo how related links will look like on your website, go here.

Currently, only invited users can use Related Links. To apply for an invitation, please send an email to stating your Gmail address, website domain/s and approximate pageviews per day.

Though the Google Related Links experiment will be shut down on July 25th 2011. The information and data collected during the 1.5 years of this experiment will be used by Google to build more great products for webmasters.


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