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Video blogging or vBlogging or vlogging or vidding or vidblogging is one of the most modern ways of expressing yourself.  In a broader sense, vlogging means posting video clippings in a blogging site generally with options of audience response.


I must accept that Vblogging is still in its early days but many video bloggers have already started their own vblogging programs, anticipating its future success.

Vlogging seems to have greater impact on people because it gives the scope to broadcast one’s mind through direct expressions rather than mere words. Thus, it makes your blog more attractive and effective.


How to make a Video Blog

Creating a vblog is not as simple as preparing a regular blog. You need some additional tools and have to go through a long process for preparing a perfect video blog for yourself.

The first part is perhaps the simplest. You have to shoot clips with a camera or camcorder and dump them in your computer for chopping and adjustments. You got to have some popular movie making programs like iMovie, Avid Free DV or Final Cut Pro in stock. Remember, which movie making program you have to apply generally depends on what format you have shot the video.

Once you are over with editing then comes the issue of compressing the video. Remember that the more you compress the video, you give more chances of downloading to your audience but sharpness and resolution of the video might decrease with it. So you have to select a more balanced path. Generally, people don’t compress their videos more than 5 megabytes.

Now your video is ready for uploading. You can tag it as a regular link in your blog or send it to a vlogging community, if you have their membership. Look, every video community has their own rules and regulations and your video must adhere to that. So go through their terms and conditions carefully.


If you need inspiration then Darren Rowse is providing you the best example for you at ProBlogger Video Series.


Download Your Own Videos

Good Vloggers always download their videos at least once and look at them carefully after posting them.  This is really necessary for checking download speed and other aspects of the video posted by you. Promote the video after scrutinizing it properly. You have to ensure that your vblog doesn’t get lost in crowd. Create email link, add some texts around it for search engines, shuffle properly and categories it so that none can ignore it.



And Don’t forget your Video RSS feed

You can use RSS feed with great advantage. This helps people in subscribing your vblog and downloads it automatically in gadgets like PDAs or computers etc.

video RSS Feeds


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