Visit Twitter Status to know Updates on Twitter Service

Twitter is one of the most popular web service but sometime due to some glitches it goes down and you wonder why this is happening. So to keep track of all the updates on twitter services, a new Tumblr powered blog named as Twitter Status has been started by twitter.

If you’ll see the big blue whale while using twitter or an unexpected error will occur again and again while you trying to post a tweet and before you’ll start cursing twitter for all these, you better take a look at twitter status updates and know the reason of these issues.

twitter status

If the twitter experiences any kind of issue, the twitter team posts an update regarding the problem and its details there and notifies the users about it.

The last issue occurs at the time of writing this post was Temporary delay in following/unfollowing, for which Twitter Status informed as, “Twitter is currently experiencing a temporary delay in changes to the accounts you follow. If you follow or unfollow an account, this action will not immediately be reflected in your timeline or in the list of accounts you are following. Thank you for your patience as we address this issue!”

And later on this issue has been resolved.

Visit Twitter Status and you can also subscribe to Twitter Status by email.

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