Wacom to Make iPad Stylus … The Bamboo stylus!

Good news for all the iPad-users and would be iPad-users. Wacon, the most popular and one of the leading graphics tablets designing giant, is now showing interest in the iPad stylus business.

The problem with most of the capacitive stylus accessories which are already present in the market is that they are bulky and thick-tipped. To overcome this problem Wacon has developed Bamboo stylus. Wacon also demonstrated its new development in the Gadget Show Live.

The Bamboo stylus is designed mainly for iPad’s screen but it can be used for other tablets also. According to Wacon –

“The tip of the stylus is 25 percent narrower (6mm vs. 8mm) in diameter than some of the other most popular solutions on the market today”. Wacon has also described this stylus of having “satin-textured metal body and balanced weighting”.

My fingertip is just OK with that iPad then why should I spend money for the same use?

This stylus offers a number of benefits that may be the answer for you. For example, stylus shows better control for drawing apps, it feels like you are writing with a pen and also you need not to take off your gloves in the biting cold for using iPad! It is assumed that it will be pretty similar to the digital pen. Drawing, painting, defacing photos and handwritten notes will be easier with this stylus. This 20g Bamboo stylus is amazing and no doubt superior to the other capacitive styluses.

Bamboo stylus is going to be available in the UK market from this May.