WanderPlayer Turns your Smartphone Into a Game Controller

Smartphones are the devices that go beyond the traditional cell phone functionality and capabilities. These high-end mobile phones have already replaced computers, cameras and calendars for many people. The only domain now that remains untouched is of gaming controllers. Not anymore!

WanderPlayer, a start-up has developed a technology that turns any screen into controllers for computer games. In short, it turns your Smartphone into a game controller (classic controller, Wii-like motion controller or a steering wheel).

You can download the WanderPlayer console for your Windows or Mac Desktop or a laptop and play dozens of games from sites across the web.

How does WanderPlayer works?

Game lovers can download a desktop app and a mobile app. The latter app lists online games from around the web. Once you select the desired game from the mobile app menu, it will open on the computer, and the two devices will then communicate over Wi-Fi.

Ayo Omojola, co-founder of WanderPlayer says, “You could probably build a crude equivalent at a hackathon but, both the user-interaction and performance required for games [as well as] the controllers and console that work across local environments are really difficult and take a while to get right.”

The start-up is also trying hard to integrate multi-player functionality to enhance the gaming experience more. If this works, it will be possible for any two players to go head-to-head on the same computer screen without any additional equipment.

Latest release for Android phone (1.1.0) has the following features

  1. Search for games by name (lists performance improvements)
  2. Audio feedback for button clicks (more/better controllers coming soon)
  3. User experience improvements
  4. Bug fixes for connection failures and crashes

WanderPlayer at present supports games such as Iron Man Armored Adventures, Fancy Pants Adventure World, Adult Swim, Armor Games.com and others from Cartoon Network. However, it neither owns nor has any kind of relationship with the aforementioned sites or games.

Check out the home page.

  • WanderPlayer for iPhones
  • WanderPlayer for Android phones

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  1. I use my android tablet as steering wheel.
    Look for “Steering Wheel for PC Games” on Google Play.
    It is very good.

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