Watch Over 120 HD Online Television Channels with FilmOn Air

FilmOn, a television service was launched a year ago, somewhere in September 2010 but soon found itself pulled into the courtroom by CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX all arguing over its right to carry their signals over the Internet.

Now even after being caught in a legal battle over broadcasting rights, the company has developed a lawful way to broadcast high-definition videos on computer and mobile devices via its small plug-in, a dongle named as FilmOn Air.

The compact ATSC TV receiver dongle for iPhone, iPad and Android devices has the capability to deliver  numerous HD channels online along with some video-on-demand options by using ATSC Digital signals transmitted by the Networks and other local Broadcasters.

A note on FilmOn Air by Alki David, CEO and Founder of FilmOn:

“FilmOn has licensed over 120 HD online television channels and has even launched its own College Sports and Live Soccer channels but the challenge has been in legally bringing major network programming to our lineup whilst respecting the network’s traditional business models”.

The dongle will have the strength to operate up to 5 hours on a single charge. Users can also plug it in to an electrical supply through the secondary slot. Also, it seems that dongle will serve support for both, USB connectivity as well as Apple’s 30-pin port.

FilmOn air will support an EPG (Electronic programming guide) too, which will enable a user to set a reminder for their favorite TV shows or programs.

In short, FilmOn Air will bring TV on your phone, tablet or a laptop.  The device is expected to go out on sale in February at a retail price of $95.95. Subscribers to FilmOn’s annual $149.95 subscription plan will receive it free of charge. For more details and to check out the list of sports channel supported visit the official website. If you are a Bollywood movies fan you may also like to check out Movieplex, a video streaming service, which allows users to view  licensed full-length movies from the Hindi film industry, for free officially.