Watch Relevant Web Videos with – A Personalized Channel for Web Videos

You Tube is a famous video-sharing website that uploads thousands of videos every day. However, to my knowledge,  I guess it offers no service whereby a user can organize his videos in an ordered fashion., a start-up believes to do so.

It pulls all the videos your friends share on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr into a video channel so you can watch and Re-Share them. Your friends can recommend you some videos to watch and the video guide recommendations can be refreshed at any given time.

In a way, the application behaves as a personalized channel for web video. Like You Tube, allows you to watch videos in full-screen mode. Besides, you can even save the video to your personal favorites feed if you like it.

One notable addition that has recently been introduced in the application is the new de-duplication feature. The feature smartly removes duplicate copies of videos which have been shared by multiple friends. Also, taking into account earlier blemishes, the application has now improved on both, speed and performance.

The App Guide offers different ways to Filter videos. For instance, you can Filter videos by,

  1. ‘Timeline view’- Shows all the videos that your friends are sharing
  2. ‘Watch later view’- Saves videos so they can be watched later, when free
  3. ‘Like view’- Saves videos as your favorites

The company plans to add more features to the application in future.The goal of this product is not to get people to watch more web video, but to help them to easily find relevant web video.

Thus, if you want to switch to some better You Tube alternative for watching relevant videos, you will surely find as a good pick. It aims to get an upper hand over other similar web video offering services when it enters the personalized video space.


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