Watch Videos in a Webpage without Ads, Distractions and Comments

If you are watching an interesting video on the YouTube then it may sometime creates distraction with all the clutter around the video player like Ads, related videos, comments etc. If you are watching a controversial video then there could be some crap posted in the comments section of the YouTube, it is not possible to escape through all those abusive comments while watching the video on the YouTube.If you want to make vanish all the clutter while you are watching the video then you need to install the Quiet Tube extension which works on the Chrome browser.

Quiet Tube Chrome Extension

Quiet Tube extension for the Google Chrome browser which clears all the clutter around the video in YouTube and other video sharing websites and plays the video in a special page with the white background. After installing this extension in the Google Chrome an icon of this extension is displayed on the Omni bar(address bar) of the Google Chrome browser. This icon is displayed automatically for the specific web page which contains video, you just need to hit the icon of this extension on the address bar to escape from all the distractions.

Quiet Tube

Then the video is played in the special page of the Quiet Tube web domain with the white background. For each video it creates a customized URL where you can share it with your friends to avoid them watching the video in the original web page.

Quiet Tube


Greasemonkey User Script for Firefox

If you are a Firefox user then Quiet Tube is not available as the add-on for the Firefox, this is available as the Greasemonkey user script. But this user script doesn’t function as the Chrome extension it just auto-redirects the video web page to quiet tube page and plays the video there in a white background.

Before installing the Greasemonkey user script make sure that you have installed Greasemonkey add-on in the Firefox. This extension works for the popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and many more.