5 Ways To Download And Install Ubuntu On Your Windows, Mac and Linux

Linux installation is not difficult any more. It is complete easy process and its fun and fast. I completed my installation in less than 15 minutes. You can also try installing the Open Source operating system in simple ways as shown below.

1) First of all, you have to download the Ubuntu .iso file from official website. You have the options to select the latest version without LTS (Long Term support) and the previous version with LTS. In my case, latest version is 11.04 and LTS Support version is 10.04. I downloaded the latest version and you can depend on the web for all support required. You can download Ubuntu Linux for both your 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

2) You can install Ubuntu Linux on your Microsoft Windows PC by downloading the Windows Ubuntu Installer file (WUBI).  Wubi.exe is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Microsoft Windows users. It will install and uninstall Ubuntu in the similar way as any normal Windows application does. Once after installing on Windows PC, your PC will work as a dual boot computer (Windows and Linux both)

3) You can create Ubuntu Linux installer CD or DVD, after downloading the file. You just need to download another CD Burner .exe file (small) to complete the task. You can burn CD for both, normal .iso file and Wubi.exe (for Windows). You can boot and test this OS using this CD and if you like this, you can install and move further.

4) Similar to CD or DVD, you can create a bootable Ubuntu Linux flash drive. You have the option to install as well as boot and test the operating system. It works as fast as the one installed on the hard drive. It is better to make one bootable Linux flash drive to recover your file, if Windows crashes (best for System Administrators and Computer Service Geeks). You have to download a small installer file, which loads the downloaded .iso or .exe file into the bootable pen drive (by changing the Master Boot Records of the pen drive).

5) You can also download the Ubuntu CD burning and Flash Drive loading file for your Windows PC, Macintosh computer and for older Ubuntu Linux computers also.

    These are the simple and easiest methods to download and install Ubuntu Linux on your computer. Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for more Ubuntu Linux Tips, Tricks and HOW-TOs. If you like this post, then don’t forget to comment on this post.


    1. So where’s the Mac installation steps? Your article is mistitled and misleading. Please correct it.

      1. In 5th point I have mentioned about downloading the installation file in the similar way as other points. Stay tuned, I will be coming with Ubuntu for Mac Installation guide.

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