6 Best Ways to Earn Money with Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites with huge growth in population and everyone are trying to earn through this site. Twitter is now used predominantly in business for marketing and also for earning money. It is a micro-blogging platform where celebrities, sports players, bankers etc are active which makes there fans also active in it. Hence this crowd can help you earn money in twitter.

There are many ways to earn through twitter. They are-

Direct Advertisement

Direct advertisement refers to direct earning through followers. More number of followers will give more profit. Making money through twitter is so simple, but for those who have many followers. Therefore you should increase the followers and tweinds.com is a way to collect thousands of followers. You can show a product or service link in your profile or you can show someone’s links on your twitter profile to earn money.

Companies can also advertise there product or service through twitter. But these companies require a high click-through rate of your tweets. The click-through rate can be of the user and can be analyzed through URL tracking services like bit.ly or SU.pr. So if you have a nice click-through ratio and large number of followers then direct advertising is a good option.


Twitter is a place where you can find many future sponsors. You can easily have many people of your blog niche following you and then tweet for sponsors. Web masters have found sponsors through tweeting on twitter.. You can earn through Sponsored Tweets which facilitates an open relationship between the Tweeters and Advertisers and you can decide which advertiser tweet to tweet. The sponsored tweets work in a very simple manner, you tweet an advertiser’s message with your twitter username and earn for the tweet. Tweeters involved in with the sponsors have to disclose the relationship with marketers by adding #ad at the end of their tweet.

Many top twitter users have joined sponsored tweets and so resulting in advertising of huge companies. There are many sponsored contest held in twitter. There are numerous companies that allow users to participate in a contest and earn money using twitter. The process is like you can give comments and suggestion for their products and services and win cool prizes or cash.

Affiliate Marketing

There are many affiliate programs available in web which can help you earn. Make use of the tricky way to present the affiliate links and advertisement. Never post these links and ads together, Round it off with your regular updates and social interaction. Using the link in conjunction with tools for scheduling your tweets can save your time.

You can also sell affiliated products through your tweets. If you maintain a famous user position with many followers in twitter then you have immense chances of your followers recommending your affiliated links and purchase. Hence by linking the affiliated products page you can get commission on every sale which in turn depends upon the products. You should be choosy in selecting those products because poor quality of the product will affect your creditability and future affiliated sales.

Monetize Your Twitter Background:-

Background of the twitter can also earn you money. There is a website named Twittad. It is the latest venture which is looking to monetize Twitter accounts. The premise of this website is similar to AdComo. Set the price and duration of ads in your account and then set up the ad listing your price to advertise and the number of followers in your account. This account will also evaluate number of people you follow. The user should always go for market average price.                             

Once you sell an ad then you should upload the advertiser’s background image to your twitter account which will provide publicity to their company. Twittad tracks the impressions of the image and makes sure that the image is being displayed however since the ad is only being displayed in the background. This type of advertising will advertise your brand, but the user will not be able to click on the image. Most advertisers will place a URL in their background image.

Building a Brand:-

Tweeting can help you build the brand of your company. Tweeting your post can create a brand image for yourself or your company. Twitter is very powerful medium, so it is completely on us on how to showcase ourselves and our brand. We should subscribe generously, be responsive, be faster than RSS, Spark interactivity, ask for help etc. This might take time because people will slowly recognize you and respond you.

Always Tweet something worthy, Encourage people to tweet with guidance, respond to the complaints, provide something interesting to your followers, be the limelight.


Personal Bio:-

Personal bio can also earn you money. Yes! Your own personal bio on twitter has its worth. It is one of the most important things that people will check when they view your Twitter page and leaving this blank is a completely a loss.  Bio is your profile page of your account where you give your introduction and write about yourself. Just a sales message attachment to your bio will earn you dollars.

While writing the bio, remember the difference between bio and biography. The bio should be designed in a good way to attract followers and which can be used for sales. Write in third person format and high light your achievements, never be too bland and personal information is always optional.

To earn through these ways you have to be active and regular, to be responsive to your followers which plays an important role in your earnings.